How To Sun Tan Without Burning Your Skin? I Have Secrets for You!

Protecting your skin is essential to avoid problems. During summer, the skin becomes drier, dehydrated, and prone to burning due to the UV rays of the sun. That’s why it’s important to apply some sunscreen lotion and wear covers to keep it safe. And since this season is where you can spend fun and outdoor activities, the longer to utilize time under the sun.


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“But I don’t want my skin to have a major burn effect.” I know that’s what you’re thinking, and who else would want their skin to get burned? Summer is supposed to be the best time to hang out with friends, do some enjoyable activities, go shopping, etc. So yes, I don’t blame you to be concerned about that.

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Here’s the good news: there are different ways on what you can do to protect your skin from sun burn. You can get tan naturally from the sun without worrying the bad impact. Let’s learn what you can do, shall we?




#1 – Use Sunscreen with at Least SPF 15

Sunscreen products for skin have SPF, which is an acronym of Sun Protection Factor. The risk of getting sun burned depends on the level of protection. The recommended SPF to apply on skin should be at least 15. Before grabbing any plastic bottle of lotion, check the labels first and get one that has SPF 15 or higher.

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#2 – Drink Lots of Water

External application isn’t only the solution you have to rely on in terms of protecting your skin. By drinking enough water, you help your skin stay hydrated. It is summer remember, so you’re thirstier than normal. Be sure to drink up before you go out and whenever you feel dehydrated. Your skin can benefit from it in the long run.


#3 – Shower

Before you go out to sun tan or do other physical activity outside, be sure to have well showered. You need that refreshment. You also take a bath right after, but wait for at least 30 minutes before you soak in the tub filled with cold water. This helps soothe your skin for any hotness and burn it may have from tanning or due to sun exposure.

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#4 – Apply Cold Water or Compress

To make sure you have healthy tan, use a cold compress or ice cold water pack and apply all over your skin. Leave it on to the area where you feel hotness or burning effect the most for 15 minutes. That way it can be cured quickly, and avoid suffering a moment of shame when meeting with friends, partying, or going to public places.

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#5 – Add Baking Soda, Aloe Vera, or Oatmeal to Your Bath

In case of a burn, you can add some baking soda to your bath. This enables the water to get cooler. Also, baking soda has properties that enable heal skin burn. Eventually it makes your skin feel better after.

Oatmeal and aloe vera have the same effect when applied on skin. They help lessen sting or pain, and alleviate redness due to sun burn. The juice of aloe vera has cooling effect that gives you a refreshing feeling, especially when applied onto the face.



#6 – Moisturize Always

Don’t just apply lotion onto skin before going out. Putting on some moisturizer even after getting home is also suggested. This helps your skin rehydrated, which helps avoid dry skin. It’s more recommended if you stayed for several hours under the sun.


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This skin care regimen is a great way to overcome or prevent skin issues. While sun burn is a temporary situation, don’t feel too confident about it. It’s best that you are far away from experiencing such condition, because it can trigger for your skin to suffer from a more dangerous problem, such as eczema and cancer.

From what you’ve learned from the list of tips above, you can enjoy your summer and have more reasons to stay under the sun without any worries. So keep your skin protected and healthy always.

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