About us

Hi ! Thank you for your interest in Yes Vegetarian.

As the name suggests, our website was started with the objective of making people say – Yes I am a Vegetarian.

Being a strict vegetarian myself I always felt the anguish and pain of animals. I wandered how people could slaughter animals mercilessly for the sake of their taste, or for the sake of fashion and entertainment! The subject has always been very close to my heart. This is how the thought of Yes Vegetarian was born.

Something needs to be done to protect Animal Rights, to spread awareness about the havoc meat eating is causing to our environment, our planet and our life! I realized doing all this is not important. It’s urgent! We all should do our bit and here is my bit on Yes Vegetarian!

And guess what? I also realize that following a vegetarian lifestyle is not only fun and exciting but also fills you with lots of energy and good health. With two small kids (aged 3 and 1.5 years) I have to meet not only their nutritional requirements but also have to make sure they have lots of delicious variety on their platter! That’s really easy with a vegetarian lifestyle.

Here you will find lots of interesting and inspiring stuff. Right from stories, tips, ideas, tempting vegetarian recipes to surprising insights and information on vegetarianism and animal right protection.

My goal is not only to inspire meat eaters to switch to vegetarianism but also make vegetarians feel proud and happy of what they stand for.

My dream is that the world should appreciate a vegetarian lifestyle. Even if I can influence a few on this journey my goal will be met.

Please extend your support and you are also welcome to share your own stories, ideas and thoughts or something incredible you have experienced on vegetarianism!

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Let’s endeavour for the world to say – Yes Vegetarian!