Relax on the Weekend with Nature. I Love These Exercises

Exercising in a natural environment makes you appreciate the place where you are living. It’s also more relaxing and rejuvenating. This is also referred to as green exercise. It doesn’t encourage you go to the gym or stay at home to exercise, but workout outside where you are surrounded by trees, the lake, beach, or mountain.

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Imagine feeling fresh air, listening to the soft chirping of birds, and viewing a beautiful scenery. Interacting with the environment and natural elements provides soothing effects that apparently reduce stress, alleviate pain, remove bad energy, and clear mind. It’s totally a great workout option. Your body, mind, and energy can be renewed at the same time.

You don’t also have to take a lot of things for your outdoor workout. Just wear something comfortable and appropriate for the exercise. Of course, riding a bike requires you to bring a bicycle, and other exercises aren’t that demanding at all.

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#1 – Running

Also known as jogging, this exercise is a very common outdoor activity. You can run down the street, at the park, by the beach, or in the woods. Be sure you are familiar with the area where you would like for a run. The last thing you’d experience is meeting crazy dogs or getting lost. What you need here are only a pair of running shoes and workout gears. You may want to track your time and how long the miles are based on that duration. Luckily, there’s mobile app that you can download in your phone and just place in your pocket. That’s it and you’re good to go!

The benefit of running outside is that you are able to travel and enjoy the environment. You may even do this while on vacation in another city or country. Technically, this exercise improves your muscles, keeping them strong, while regulates your blood circulation. Other great effects in the long run include more energy, improved metabolism, and better metabolism.

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#2 – Cycling

Riding on a bicycle has the same effect as running. Since you get on a bike, there’s more to travel and see, which you may enjoy a lot. As far as the benefits are concerned, you get to improve not only muscles on legs, but also your back and shoulders. This is a better choice than using a recumbent bike either. Your excuse to not ride a bike outside is when it’s raining hard or snow is extreme, and in that case then you can use that equipment.

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#3 – Swimming

For this exercise, you need to go to a lake or a beach. There’s nothing wrong with swimming in the pool, but what you see and feel is limited, unless it’s a resort pool at the middle of a mountain or an infinity pool by the beach. Sometimes, this is taken for pleasure to stay cool and hydrated, but doesn’t matter because your muscles get toned. That makes it a workout still.

Other options in the water:
• synchronized swimming
• swimming with sperm whale
• scuba diving
• surfing
• kayaking

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#4 – Triathlon

This is not for professional athletes, unless you want to join a local or an international contest. But for outdoor workout, the combination of running, riding a bicycle, and swimming should be a fun thing to do. Just ensure you are ready to do all these three, because running along can make you feel tired after. Anyhow, you don’t need to run for several kilometers and take another series of miles for cycling and swimming. Don’t make it too hard for yourself, will you?

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#5 – Yoga

If you are into yoga, do it outside like in the woods. Getting intimate with the nature makes you concentrate even more and feel good after. This exercise is primarily for the mind, but can affect the body also, especially when there are several positions involved. You should be familiar with the right yoga moves, which you can practice at home, before performing it in an environmental setting.

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You may be busy during the weekdays, but on the weekends and any spare time should be a great opportunity for you to do these outdoor exercises. It’s a relaxing activity you can easily do. Take the time off to just be around the nature and enjoy the surroundings.

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