3 Common Hair Problems of Women and Men

Hair is an important part of the head. It can make you look beautiful or handsome. But unfortunately, with so many common hair treatments and products that you regularly put in your hair, this can be easily prone to damage.

Taking good care your hair needs some effort, patience, and the right techniques. You need to replace your bad habits with good ones, which include the use of the proper methods in order to make this successful. Actually, there are several ways to control the damage of your hair. Here are the different common hair problems and some tips on how to prevent them.

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1. Dry Hair

Dry hair is a very common problem to both women and men. There are many products and activities that can make your hair dry. The most common cause of hair dry is the application of chemical treatments and products, such as shampoo and conditioner (the wrong ones for your type of hair), hair coloring, and spray. Blowing, ironing, and perming hair are other more harmful reasons of hair dry. Hair can also lose its natural shine or oil if exposed to the sun. This is another cause of dry hair.

Regardless of the causes, hair dry can be avoided if you take care of it wisely. Restoring the natural shines of your hair needs proper treatments, such as deep conditioning, proper hair brushing, and right drying when it is wet.

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2. Hair Loss/Fall

Hair loss is a serious problem for hair. This is not only a problem to aging in men, and those who are undergoing chemotherapy. It can also affect male or female adults. Well, let’s face the fact that no one does not want to lose hair. Perhaps, you need some proper treatment for this.

Commonly, male loses hair because of old age. This is actually a normal thing for some men. They normally loses hair when they reach 45. But, if you find out that you are getting trouble with hair loss at your younger age or if you are a female, this is not normal. Note, several disorders can cause hair fall. This is often called alopecia areata – hair loss on the scalp as well as other parts of the body.

Some other causes that may bring you hair loss are over exposed to drugs and diseases. If you are taking antidepressants, NSAIDs, and birth control pills, or undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal treatments, you can most likely have hair fall. Autoimmune disease like lupus, scalp infections, pregnancy and hormonal issues are also causes. Stress is another one reason why you may have hair loss.

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3. White Hairs

This is a normal case for adults with ages 40 years old and up. Most of them don’t like white hair so they dye it with darker or blond colors. White hair can make you look older that is why dying it with black, brown, and other color is the way to keep their hair look younger.

Researchers conduct several studies to examine and get essential information why hair turns to gray or white, and what are possible solutions. Hair gets its color from the pigment named melanin, which produces melanocyte cells to the hair follicles. Teenagers or young adults that get white hair are not natural. Based on researches, this is because of their genes. It means you likely inherit the same hair problem from your parents or grandparents.

The use of chemicals can cause dryness, itchiness, and dull scalp. This makes your scalp loses its natural oil, which can start hair problems, such as the ones mentioned above. You must consult to a dermatologist or hair expert for some treatment and proper ways to take care of it on a regular basis.

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