Lemons Will Amaze You With These 3 Facts. True and Serious!

Lemon-UsesImage Source: womenshealthmag

Three ways in Using Lemons at Home

1. Freshener for Room

Freshen up your air at home during winter seasons or even other times. What you do is simmer a pot of water and toss some lemon peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves. This also works as room humidifier.

2. Eraser of Freckles and Age Spots

Lemon juice can help brighten and lighten your skin by removing freckles, age spots and other blemishes. Be sure to wash face first before putting some lemon juice by dabbing on cotton balls onto your skin.

3. Natural Treatment of Cold and Coughs

Add some lemon juice and honey with some hot water. This mixture relieves cough and cold. It reduces the build-up of mucous that allow you to g feel much better and faster.

Cold and Coughs Image Source: apollolife

It’s definitely helpful to always have a dozen of lemons in your kitchen that you can use for these three ways. A few things that will also help you reduce your regular home expenses. Besides, buying cream to reduce skin blemishes or room spray can be that pricey, while some may be ineffective or slow in giving results. But with lemons, you can both save money and enjoy the effects much faster.

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