Know What to Eat and Not to Eat. You’ll Have Stronger Teeth and Improved Oral Health

It’s not easy to not glance at some donuts on the work’s lobby table or that slices of chocolate mousse at your favorite local café. Even when just watching TV you can have the instant craving for some buttered or caramelized popcorn.

Each one of us does feel guilty about sweets and sugar-filled foods.Not to mention, there are spices, acidic foods, and alcohol. Sadly, these are the common reasons why we suffer from oral issues.

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Many ways you can do to improve your teeth and oral health in general. It isn’t primarily about food and drink consumption though. Yet, you need to be very careful with what you eat or drink. Let me share to you some simple things you can to strengthen teeth.

#1 –Brush

The best solution to fighting oral cavity, bleeding gums, and other oral problems is to brush teeth. This has been a habit you learned since you were younger. There’s no excuse to forget or miss brushing your teeth. Experts recommend brushing teeth carefully at least twice a day.

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#2 – Floss

Flossing teeth should be done after brushing. This ensures any food particles and plaque stuck in between teeth are removed. Sometimes, brushing alone doesn’t remove that. It’s one way to further protect your teeth and gums.

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#3 – Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

The loss of enamel is the least thing that should happen to you. You can prevent this if you stay away from foods that destroy enamel. The following are important to avoid.

• candies and chocolates – it’s too sweet and sugary
• starchy foods – mostly baked foods, such as cookies, muffins, and bread
• cereals – this should be reduced or eaten with fruits and nuts
• sodas – this is also full of sugar and phosphoric acid that shred the elasticity of enamel
coffee and alcohol
• pasteurized milk
• hydrogenated oils and margarines
• other sweet foods and artificial sweeteners

#4 – Stimulate Saliva

Saliva is a natural protector of the mouth. It keeps it moist that removes bad bacteria. That’s why kissing isn’t that bad at all because it stimulates the production of saliva.

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#5 – Have Enough Calcium and Other Nutrients

Calcium is the substance need to support strong teeth. Drinking milk and eating foods that are packed of this mineral are basically how you can absorb it. Likewise, maintain the daily recommended value of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K2, which you can get from certain plant based foods and fortified foods.

#6 – Eat Fermented Food and Sea Salt

Pickled vegetables, Kimchi, and other fermented foods help in neutralizing or developing good bacteria in the mouth. Likewise, sea salt is able to protect and improve the growth of enamel. These should be added to your daily diet.

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#7 – Bite More Apples and Strawberries

Strawberries are known to help remove harmful tartar because of the presence of malic acid. On the other hand, apple can keep teeth stronger because of its hard texture. It exercises teeth, and removes plaques.

#8 – Stop Smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco contain ingredients that do not only harm lungs but also mouth, including teeth. If you are a smoker, this habit must be stopped.

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#9 – Drink More Water

This is also a natural cleanser against toxins and producer of saliva. It also helps remove food particles in teeth.

For stronger teeth and improved oral health, these 9 things are essential to do. It must be followed so you can keep your mouth healthy. That way you have more reason to smile anytime anywhere.

I hope you found this post useful. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment below.


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