What Are The Benefits Of Pumpkin or Kaddu?

You can make different delicious dishes out of pumpkins. This can also be turned as juice without even cooking and create the best nutritious drink that is very excellent in preventing various diseases.

This pumpkin looks like a gourd squash that is included in the Cucurbita family. It has different shapes from oblate to oval or oblong, while skin is thick yellow or orange in color. The color of flesh (inner part) is dark green, orange-yellow or red, or white or gray.

Pumpkins’ core contains edible seeds. These are important if you want to produce your own. But these can be also grinded and added to juice for another way of consumption.

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A regular pumpkin weighs from 4 to 7 kg. (9 to 18 lbs.). The Cucurbita maxima, which refers to its largest size, can reach weight up to 34 kgs. (75 lbs).

This bright colored gourd look-alike squash is very rich in nutrients. It’s considered among the best and valuable vegetables due to their many health benefits. Let’s learn what you can get from eating or drinking pumpkin (kaddu).

1. Against Respiratory Problems and Asthma Attacks

There are anti-oxidants in this vegetable that help protect respiratory system against free radical attacks and infections. It also means this reduces and heals asthma attacks.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Seeds of pumpkin contain anti-inflammatory substances, which are excellent cure for joint inflammation and arthritis.

3. Bone Health

Calcium content can be taken out of pumpkin. Hence, a good alternative for some vegetarians without going for cow’s milk. You can make juice using pumpkin and carrots that turns into a healthy drink, especially for the development of bones.

4. Atherosclerosis and Heart Problem Prevention

Pumpkin juice also has highly cleansing power that can help in flushing out old arterial deposits. As a result, this lowers the risks of stroke or heart problems. Its anti-oxidants are helpful in preventing arteriosclerosis (hardened arteries) too.

5. Depression Relief

Depression may be caused by lack of trytophan in your diet. So, have pumpkin as it is rich in L-trytophan, which is the necessary amino acid that our body cannot produce. If this compound is supplied in the body, it will create happiness and well-being, thus reducing depression.

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6. Cholesterol Control

Pumpkin contains high contents of phytoterols, which is similar to human cholesterol. It normalizes and replaces bad cholesterols into a good one for healthier result.

7. Diuretics

If the pumpkin is made into uncooked juice, it acts as a natural diuretic that helps eliminate useless waste materials and toxins from the body. This may be also included as food for detoxification. It can also be a great aid in preventing kidney problems, especially the formation of stones.

8. Dietary Fiber

Pumpkin’s bulky flesh provides essential dietary fiber that is very helpful in curing gastrointestinal problems like constipation and indigestion. It also lowers the level of blood LDL cholesterol and helps in the regulation of blood sugar level.

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9. Immune System

Pumpkin is excellent in boosting immune system to increase the production and improved performance of white blood cells. These blood cells are very essential as they build up resistance from many types of infections.

10. Improved Eyesight or Vision

This orange colored vegetable contains great nourishment. It has lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin that can keep the optic system in good condition. It’s also an excellent protection from cataracts and astigmatism or age-related macular degeneration.

11. Removal of Parasites

Used as an effective traditional Chinese medication, pumpkin seeds grinded into powder makes a good ingredient of natural juice. Why, it heals infection caused by tapeworm or other form of stomach parasites. This is probably more applicable to kids who are not innocent in getting intestinal worms. You can make delicious pumpkin drink for your kids without hearing any complaints or whining from them.

12. Prevention of Kidney Stones

Kidney problems can be healed, or even prevented, by eating more pumpkin seeds. Experts suggest taking 5 to 10 grams of the seeds everyday. That way, it is likely more helpful in preventing the formation of stones in the kidneys.

13. Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Pumpkin contains high contents of carotenoids and zinc. Together with the nutrients found in the seeds, this can protect a male person from prostate cancer. Prostate enlargement and over stimulation of male hormones can be prevented. Thus, lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

14. Peptic Ulcers

Pumpkin is a very essential vegetable because it contains a great mixture of medicinal substances that can treat a lot of digestive problems. These include gastrointestinal tract and peptic ulcers.

Peptic UlcersImage Source: healthtap

15. Enhanced Skin

High amount of anti-oxidants, which are in the form of vitamin A, C, E and zinc, give healing powers for human skin. You can obtain a more glowing, healthier skin by drinking pumpkin juice on a regular basis. This also helps slow down aging or prevent pre-mature aging, keeping you look radiant even when you’re in 40s or older.

Pumpkin, or kaddu, is not just a Halloween decor. Many people have forgotten that this is actually a healthy food. As what you have learned above, this bright orange colored veggie provides a lot of benefits essential for the body and skin.

You should be able to add this vegetable into your diet more often. It may only come around before and during fall but while it’s seasonal, but still advised to prepare dishes and juices every day.

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