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For vegetarians, they can eat hotdogs, nuggets, and barbecues. Yes, that’s true! However, it’s not from animal flesh, because that’s so plainly gross and cruel, but from a plant-based food.

Nutritioulicious Tofu

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Tofu originally started in China some time in 200 B.C. It is the main ingredient of many Chinese delicious meals served in restaurants, and these days, there are many ways to make tofu, most especially as alternative to meat of all kinds.

Healthy Tofu

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Tofu is generally made from soybeans, along with water, and curdling agent or a coagulant. It is very common in many vegetarian dishes. But this is more than just a food that replaces meat. It is actually a healthy food as it contains calcium and protein, which are important minerals needed for the body.

Tasty Tofu

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Tofu can be rich in flavors when deeply soaked in sauces or any marinated spices. With its nutritional value, you won’t only make tasty dishes, but also healthy foods with this ingredient. From Asian cuisines to western epicureans, you can enjoy vegetarian diet more. Even kids will find this a delicious addition to their vegetable dishes.

Aside from its popularity in vegetarian diets, many people celebrate and host annual festival for tofu. It has become closely associated with vegetarians from different parts of the world, especially in Japan.

Tofu Festival

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Tofu is primarily classified into two types: silken tofu (soft tofu) and regular tofu (firm tofu). These have differences, but most kitchen personnel or restaurant chefs use firm tofu in their dishes. This is most commonly picked for grilling, dressing, sautéing, frying, and baking.

There are many vegetarian recipes that include tofu as one of the ingredients. In fact, almost all vegetarian dishes that you know can be cooked with tofu. But regardless of the dishes you choose, firm tofu is a more ideal choice.

Veggie Tofu

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When preparing a tofu dish, drain and press first before start cooking it. However, other recipes may require you to place in the fridge before cooking. You must be sure you know how to press tofu and cook it. Well, there are many recipes with instructions included that you can learn and make your own tofu and vegetable dishes. You can use it to make tofu BBQ, tofu nuggets, crispy fried tofu, tofu burger, and scrambled tofu for breakfast.

Tofu Burger

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Because it is made from soybeans, tofu is packed with high protein, which can provide the daily value that vegetarians need. There are actually 10 grams of proteins that you can get per half cup of tofu. That’s why vegetarian diets can never be low in protein.

Other than protein, tofu is also rich in iron and calcium. Calcium is essential for the bones to remain healthy and strong, and iron to provide energy. Other than these, it also contains manganese, omega-3 fats, phosphorus, and magnesium. Once you add tofu to your meals, you obtain these minerals.

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Serving tofu dishes or adding it to your meals can give you a more enjoyable way to eat your lunch or dinner. Your children may find it more appealing if their plates have tofu. The tenderness and rich flavor of this food are other reasons that make vegetarians hard to resist.

Most importantly, you obtain many minerals, which are all suitable to the diets and beneficial to the health of every vegetarian. Always remember that you need to protect your body against diseases and sicknesses. While you help save animals by not eating meat, you also consume tofu that can maintain or improve your health.

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