Turtles Are Not Some Ninjas. They Need Human Help!

No one can deny that sea turtles are adorable creatures. They are known to be slow, but that alone is a good feature about them as they can teach us patience.


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It’s sad to say that they are among the helpless animals that are continuously exploited for money-making business. In some places, their extinction is already on the brink.

Animals Exploitation

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Hunting Animals

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Sea Turtle

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The way they are captured is merciless. Their free will to enjoy swimming in the water is taken away. They are separated from their family or group. Imagine if your own child is kidnapped for exploitation. Each and every turtle has their own parents or adult that is unwillingly leaving their offspring behind. Let’s not forget that they are living creatures, just like us humans, who need freedom, love, and care.

Killing Turtle

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Killing Reptile

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The illegal hunting of turtles is more common in Southeast Asian countries. Locals, mostly those who have low wage or zero employment, find it an easy way to get cash. They are either hired by groups, mostly foreign traders, which are into black marketing, or offering to anyone who buys turtles. It is a win-win situation for both sides, but for these supposedly friends of humans, it’s not; rather, a terrible and unfortunate circumstance.

One particular country in Asia that has many beaches and islands is the Philippines. Needless to say, there are hundreds and thousands of this species living in those areas.

In January this year, there had been a report of illegal hunting and sale of 120 sea turtles. Thankfully, the local authorities rescued them, despite being hidden in a pen under the swamp of mangroves.

Another case reported in Palawan, Philippines, and is very recent (May). This time 500 turtles, both alive and dead, are involved. Good news is that the Chinese fishermen who hunted those turtles were caught, detained, and charged.

Rappler Turtle

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Whether citizens of the country or not, those who violate the Philippines laws (Philippine Wildlife Act and Philippine Fisheries Code) that protect sea turtles are punishable by jail (for at least 12 years).

Killing Turtles in China

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Fortunately, every nation has this kind of laws that protect animals and the marine life. Hence, hunting sea turtles, including the exploitation of their eggs, is illegal. Anything illegal according to the law is not recommended to do because there are consequences, but even without laws, it’s inhumane to harm turtles, and other sea animals.

Swim With Turtle

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Humans have the moral duty to keep both animals and sea creatures safe and protected. Plus, it will be more fun to dive in the sea with some turtles swimming around you.

If you truly believe in this, what is your contribution so far? Perhaps, you can start by saying “NO” to turtle abuse, and help them reproduce.

Olive ridley hatchling release in Dauin, Philippines

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