Say No to Sugar Cravings in 8 Ways. I Tried and It Worked!

Sugar craving is a common term used to describe the desire to consume something sweet, usually foods with sugar content. But do you know that it’s triggered when your body lacks sufficient nutrients? It’s also a response to emotional distress to some people. Regardless of the reason or cause, it’s not healthy to always crave for sugary foods or drinks.

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Diabetes most likely strikes when the body has more sugar than the normal needs. The primary cause is too much consumption of sweet or sugary foods. If you can change your diet into a much healthier one, you’ll have a greater chance of preventing this disease, along with other illnesses.

The problem is that it’s not easy to stop eating something you’re used to. Who can resist the luscious taste of chocolates, brownies, or ice cream? Everyone, including vegetarians like you, craves for such treats! Sometimes, it’s not bad to have a cheat day and reward yourself a cup of cake or some cookies. But if you cannot control your sugar craving and need some help, these are the easiest things you can do.

1 – Eat More Foods High in Minerals

Fresh and whole foods are recommended to eat, because they naturally contain lots of nutrients. This is very basic to vegetarians, and you probably know that already. The good news is that there are certain vegetables, fruits, lentils, and legumes that are packed with minerals that help beat your cravings for sugar. Specifically, you need to eat more foods with high amount of chromium, magnesium, and zinc.

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Chromium-Rich Foods
• broccoli
• sweet potatoes
• apples
• whole grains
• raw cacao

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Magnesium-Rich Foods:
• dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce)
• avocado
• quinoa
• brown rice
• nuts and seeds

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Zinc-Rich Foods
• whole grains
• Brazilian nuts
• pumpkin seeds


2 – Add Spices to Your Meals

Some spices are also beneficial to reduce your desire of sugar. You can stir in some cardamom, cinnamon, or nutmeg to your dishes. They are the best choices in terms of regularizing blood sugar in your body.

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3 – Consume Healthy Fats

Healthy fats in your meals also help reduce your sugar craving. You can find most of these in various nuts, seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and extra virgin coconut oil. In fact, it’s recommended to take at least a teaspoon of coconut oil for three times a day. You can stir in to your soup, fries, smoothie, or juice.

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4 – Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

There’s no sugar in coffee, beer, wine, whiskey, etc., but they can dehydrate the body easily. This can cause you to lack essential minerals. It’s not wrong to sip a cup of coffee in the morning or drink a glass of wine during special occasions. Just make sure you drink in moderation.


5 – Drink More Water

Water is enough to quench thirst and remove toxins. Remember that dehydration is one cause of food cravings, including sugar. It helps you feel fuller if you drink lots of water.

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6 – Have Herbal Teas

Teas are also good to drink. Many herbal teas are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You need those to optimize your health, and also help stop sugar cravings.

7 – Take Amino Acid L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine, which is an amino acid, has the ability to reduce the cravings of sugar. There are supplements of this that you can buy at a local health shop or pharmacy store. Be sure to seek the advice of a doctor first before buying anything.

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8 – Exercise and Get Enough Sleep

The lack of adequate sleep and exercise can trigger you to crave for sugar. The solution is to make sure you get enough rest at night, at least 8 hours. Take time to exercise as well.

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You can definitely control your sugar cravings even if you think it’s difficult. With the suggested tips listed above, you’ll have an easy way of reducing your intake. Keep in mind that being healthy is an investment and requires some discipline. If you don’t want to be diabetic and prevent other diseases, then follow the advice shared here. Don’t forget to warn your family members and friends about how to beat sugar cravings too!

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