Why Growing Your Own Organic Foods is Cost-Efficient? These 5 Incredible Reasons Can Encourage You!

A lot of aspiring gardeners and farm enthusiasts want to grow their foods in their own backyard. If possible they should not have a separate spacious land for farming, unless they prioritize it as a big business to produce local foods. But what about if you are just a homeowner who wants to get have an easy accessibility of vegetables and fruits or someone who lives in the city but want their own plant beds? Either way, there’s nothing to worry about that, because growing your own organic foods has some benefits.

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Having your own organic garden is a great strategy to save money. I’m sure you have buts and what ifs. Let me help you understand and not to have confusion about this option or feel discouraged already.

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I know that you may be thinking of other steps, especially the preparation phase. Yes, they do involve money. You have to buy pots, soil, water spray, fertilizer, and other stuff. Watering them every day can also increase your bill. Do you think it’s really worth it or you would just spend the same money as buying them? The answer to this question will surely shock you!

1. More Harvest, More Foods

If you go the grocery store and grab food ingredients, the price is usually a combination of many things. That’s why they are sometimes expensive, because they are nurtured, harvested, packed, transferred, etc. It’s a much longer process before it can get to your fridge or kitchen pantry. Not to mention the greater manpower that take care of all those things.

If those foods are grown from your own backyard, you cut most of the retail price. The best part you surely want to hear is that it you get more food. Again, it’s spending less money. You can collect sacks of fruits and a wagon of vegetables for free, and these may cost you hundreds of dollars if you get them from the market. Do you still think you will be spending the same amount of cash or more?

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2. No Food Wasted

Unless you know what you are doing, there’s always a possibility that you may commit mistakes. It’s important that you do not only try to invest money from doing this, but also learn the right techniques to plant and grow foods.

The last thing you’d do is to waste any food. For sure, you won’t need to make a large row of veggie beds if you only intend to provide food for your family. But any extra food you harvest can be supplied to others. This suggests that you should put extra foods in the market.

Many of your neighbors, friends, and loved ones may find it cost efficient to get organic foods from you. Don’t worry about business license or other legal matters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong to sell stuff to people you know. So, yes, just make sure you distribute them to people close to you. It will be really a problem to sell them to strangers.

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3. Guaranteed Safe Foods

Sometimes, there is a rumor about contaminated water used in farms and organic gardens. If not about the water, the pesticides sprayed on edible plants can be too harmful to the health. To tell you frankly, those are not rumors or myths. They can happen, whether intentional or not. The only best way that you can guarantee the foods you are eating is if you have taken care of them yourself. You know very well what you used to grow them, and there’s not a single person who would do such things to harm their own self or family.

How can this help you financially wise? Well, it helps prevent food poisoning, diarrhea, constipation, other digestive issues and health problems. If you get sick, medicine and hospital bills can eat up your money. But this is far from happening if you have safe and absolutely poison-free foods.

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4. Organic Means Natural – Thus, Healthy

We are not just talking about growing your own food so you won’t have to buy a more expensive supply. It also indicates a long term money-saving scheme.

You already have an idea what organic food is. This means they are whole foods that are naturally grown. By natural, it means healthy. Therefore, these foods, i.e. vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, and nuts, are packed with many variants of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

In the long run, it is able to keep you from spending high bills, because you won’t have to suffer from serious illnesses. You know it’s really expensive to undergo chemotherapy if you have cancer, or experience surgery because of a tumor that must be removed. Likewise, a consistent intake of pills to sustain a normal blood pressure or fully recover from a disease can be pricey.

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5. Money Can’t Buy Fun and Happiness

Planting organic foods is a good hobby. You are here because you have that desire, the passion. It means you are interested, and when you do, it can be really fun despite the hardwork it may cause you. It’s worth your time, and good times cannot be bought by a single penny.


As a vegetarian, it must be your interest to have your own supply of food. You want the best and healthiest foods. Having them as closer as possible, like in your own backyard, makes a sustainable solution to your living.

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