Natural Remedies to Treat Gout – No More Pain, Seriously

The headline suggests that there are natural remedies to treat gout. This is true because it’s been proven based on personal testimonials and approval by doctors. There’s no harm to use natural solutions even since they all contain zero artificial compounds and without the use of devices that may have radiation.

As a type of arthritis, gout affects joints in feet, most particularly the tibial sesamoid. This is painful and inflamed. You can see the affected area starts swelling, which disallow you to wear shoes because it will only hurt and worsen the condition.

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To treat gout, here are the best home remedies.

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1. Apply Hot or Cold Compress

To ease the pain a bit and lessen the swelling, use compress whether hot or cold. It doesn’t fully treat it but helps in slowing down the swelling that can grow easily when not treated.

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2. Eat the Right Amount of Protein, Fat, and Carbs

Anti-inflammatory foods are definitely helpful to cure gout naturally. But maintaining the essential amount of carbs, fat, and protein is something to keep in mind too. You can go for either protein type or carb type, or maybe mixed. Protein type is when you eat more protein and fat and low in carbs. Carb type is high in carbs but low in fat and protein. You better consult a nutritionist to know which one is the best diet to follow.

Remember that diet and nutrition are generally keys in keeping you healthy. That’s why your diet should be taken into account when trying to treat gout. In addition, eat more strawberries and cherries as they’re high in anti-inflammatory properties.

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3. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

One primary cause of gout is high fructose corn syrup. This should be avoided once you already have gout or else worsen it. It sounds easy right? It is and not all home treatments for gout can be easily followed, but this one is no exception.

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4. Maintain Average Body Weight

Excessive weight gain can cause someone to be more vulnerable to gout. People suffering from obese actually suffer more of this than anybody else. But what if you already have gout and you’re not that super fat? Well, it’s still important that you maintain a healthy weight.

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5. Limit Alcohol Intake

Yes, this is also among the natural remedies to treat gout. If you are into beer, cocktails, and other forms of alcohol, it’s this time that you steer clear for now. You can sip a small glass a week but not like before, if you know what I mean.

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6. Exercise

Take note that exercise is absolutely not a good idea to do if you’re at the peak of its brutal pain. But this can be among the home remedies for gout in toe if the swelling has lessened. This also helps it get cured much faster and prevents the possibility of reoccurring.

You can surely count on these natural remedies to treat gout. Knowing some home cures can really help as they become a great first aid kit.

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