Super Mario Eats Mushrooms to Grow and Have Power, why Should You Too?

I remember Super Mario, and I’m sure you also have seen or even played that. Mario relies on mushrooms in order to grow, be fast, have super power, and get an additional life.

It was fun playing that game and it’s been one of the famous video games ever. But my point here is not about the game, but the mushrooms. How mushrooms are used in the game is just a good illustration regarding the impact to our health.

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Because it’s incorporated in certain dishes, mushrooms are thought to be plants. Yes, we, vegetarians eat them and they are amazing. Technically speaking, they are fungi and not from botanical species. They are absolutely safe to eat, although not all are advisably edible. So don’t just pick up any mushroom that you see in the woods, because they may be poisonous. You better buy them from a trusted local shop.

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Safe and edible mushrooms do provide nutrients. This is the key role as to why you should eat more mushrooms. Some of the benefits you get from eating vegetables and fruits have the same effect when absorbed.

There are many things that mushrooms can do to dishes. They add in making the food more colorful, interesting, and appealing. They can complete the essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to sustain energy and optimize overall health.

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What Do Mushrooms Have

There are few calories of mushrooms, so it’s not basically going to help in gaining weight. It’s also low in cholesterols and sodium. In other words, there are likely bad effects from eating mushrooms.

Dietary fibers and antioxidants are present in mushrooms. These are important to aid digestion, improve the immune system, and fight off free radicals. There’s also vitamin D that helps promote skin health and absorbs calcium and phosphorus from other foods. Other minerals that can be obtained from mushrooms include copper, iron, potassium, and selenium.

Beta-glucans are one type of fiber that mushrooms have. Their function is to mainly improve insulin resistance and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Choline, which is not that famous to many people, is another nutrient found in mushrooms. This compound helps a lot in sleeping, maintaining memory, and improving muscle movement.

According to studies, it is believed that the addition of mushrooms in vegetables or fruits can lower the risk of certain health conditions. These include diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Of course, it can also add more vitality to your system. It’s a bonus to have healthier hair and skin.

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How to Pick the Right Mushrooms

To add mushrooms to your diet, make sure to get dry, firm, and unbruised ones. These are perfect to consume and incorporate to your meals. Never choose withered or slimy mushrooms. Once you buy some, keep them stored in the refrigerator until they are used for cooking.

What’s the Potential Risk of Mushrooms

As mentioned previously, there is some warning in eating mushrooms. Not all are suggested to eat. Some mushrooms are hazardous and you need to keep yourself from those ones. Otherwise, you’d suffer from severe illnesses, or worse, death. It’s pretty important to select mushrooms that have been cultivated under proper conditions.

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Overall, the good mushrooms are great to add to your favorite dishes. They don’t only provide certain nutrients, but also make foods more interesting. Whether it’s a pizza, a soup, a salad, or anything, mushroom is undeniably excellent.

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