I Avoid These Foods, Because They Make Me Hungrier

It’s a natural response to eat when you are hungry. You really should eat if you feel like hungry. However, there are foods that actually make you feel much hungrier after eating them. You might only think that you haven’t had enough, but when in fact it’s the food itself that makes you even hungrier. There’s no more guessing here, as what is listed next are the foods to avoid.

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#1 – White Bread and White Pasta

It’s always advisable to choose whole wheat bread over white bread. The outer shell of the flour used in white bread is actually stripped off. And that part is important because it has full fiber.

The same issue is addressed to the consumption of white pasta. The feel-full fiber present in this food is eradicated. It’s better to choose pasta that is made of whole wheat flour (unrefined).

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#2 – Sushi

This Japanese is a favorite dish of some people. Vegetarians choose the non-fish ones, and that’s good. But be careful when ordering from a local restaurant, because the rice used can be full of carbohydrates.

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#3 – Pizza

Ah, yes, who wouldn’t skip a slice of pizza when the toppings are so appetizing? The olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapples, and some green leaves make the flavor look and taste delicious. What you must be aware of is the other ingredients behind those vegetables. It may be made of white flour, not to mention, there are hydrogenated oils and preservatives used. The cheese alone is already full of fat even, especially that it’s processed.

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#4 – Fried Fries

This food isn’t only soaked in too much oil. It’s also prepared with preservatives. That alone makes it unhealthy, and doesn’t really make you feel full. Well, this is more common in fast food restaurants. The best option is to fry your own potatoes or bake them instead of buying from a local fast food chain.

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#5 –Cereals

Another typical food that should be avoided is cereals. Many of them contain white flour, too. This food is also packed with sugar, especially cereals for kids. Therefore, it cannot really make you feel full, but hungrier after several minutes. The best option is to grab a box of whole grain cereals that are more organic and healthier. You can also add some slices of fruits and nuts to ensure you get enough fiber.

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#6 – Artificial Sweeteners

These refer to a lot of foods and also beverages. Anything that is packed and labeled with artificial sweetener in it is a no-no. Cookies, candies, packed juices, and sodas are just a few to name. They are not only loaded with sugar but also high calories. This can be common cause of sudden weigh gain or obesity in the long run.

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#7 – Salty Snacks

Junk foods, including potato chips, pretzels, and nuts with preservatives are normally salty in flavor. This is the taste that always makes such snacks selectable. These are not only obviously unhealthy, but also contain zero fiber, which doesn’t make you feel satisfied.

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#8 – Foods with MSG

MSG is famously present in some commercial foods, such as canned foods, processed foods, and Chinese foods. The acronym stands for monosodium glutamate, by the way. It is a flavor enhancer that’s why this is usually added to make food tastier. Food or snack may taste great with MSG but this is also linked to obesity.

I have to admit that many of these mentioned foods were regularly taken. I used to eat them when I’m lazy to cook or while traveling. Once I learned the truth, I stopped buying and eating them. I fully became vegetarian and committed to eat plant-based foods only.

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