It’s Not Only for Salad. Olive Oil Can Be Surprisingly Used as These!

It is very common to see a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen cabinet. It might be really weird to see one anywhere else. But this stuff is not only good in dressing your salad. There are other several uses of this essential oil that may shock you. Here are other things you can do with olive oil.

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#1 – Moisturize Skin

This oil contains nutrients that are vital to the skin. It can be used during a massage to further enhance the natural beauty and smooth texture of your skin, and relieve dry skin. It may be also applied on certain areas to treat some skin blemishes. It’s also a great idea to mix it with lemon zest and sugar to become an organic scrub, which you can use to exfoliate your skin.

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#2 – Remove Make-Up

Soaking a small piece of cotton in olive oil and wiping out the eyeliner and mascara around your eyes work. You can do the same in removing bronzer, blush-on, lipstick, and foundation. This is a cheap alternative and a healthy way to remove make-up from a woman’s face.

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#3 – Fight Frizzy Hair and Get Rid of Paint on Hair

Frizzy hair can be resolved with olive oil as well. Try doing it for a week or two without missing a day can treat that particular issue. Likewise, this oil is able to remove paint that is accidentally poured on hair.

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#4 – Keep the Sink Shiny

Sink is usually made of stainless steel, and it’s important that its original is maintained. In addition, it needs to remain clean and stain-free. Well, olive oil can be a cleaning solution of this part of the kitchen.

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#5 – Fix a Squeaky Doorknob

That noise when you open or close the door can be annoying, or sometimes, disturbing. In most cases, home owners replace the doorknob. Don’t bother buying and installing a new one when you can just apply some olive oil around the knob or the hinge.

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#6 – Fix a Stuck Zipper

Because it’s slippery, olive oil can help free a zipper that has been stuck. It can be irritating to pull up or down a zipper at times. But don’t let this small thing ruin your mood. Just dip a cotton piece in olive oil and rub on the teeth.

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So, that’s how olive oil becomes more useful than just a salad dressing. Plus it works to fix some things without actually consuming a lot of it.

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