5 Advantages of Being a Vegetarian

Why being a vegetarian is essential?

If you are already taking a healthy diet but seems like not satisfied, being a vegetarian is a much wiser decision. As you are interested to consider avoiding meat for good, here are facts that can encourage and motivate you.

Benefits of Vegetarian


•    To be a vegetarian means to lower fat and calories

First of all, meat contains protein, but greatly increases the level of calories or fat. This food is not only unclean, but also rich in saturated fat. If you want to become a fully dedicated vegan, never add any meat in your meal. Gradually, your calorie count decreases. The long term effect of this is that the probability of reducing illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, is higher.

•    To be a vegetarian means to avoid food poisoning

Food poisoning affects millions of people every year. Many of these poisonous foods come from meats, which are usually the breeding area of harmful bacteria. Poisoning happens if food or meat is not cooked properly. It is also possible when the meat is already infected with a disease. If you just plainly eat vegetables and fruits, there is more confidence of avoiding being poisoned.

•    To be a vegetarian means to reduce weight

This is good news for those who also want to lose some pounds. Because of the reduction of saturated fat in vegan meals, you can lower your weight. Note, extra weight can increase the risk of disease, most especially obesity, heart disease, and fatigue.

•    To be a vegetarian means to protect animals

I know you don’t want to hear about the terror of treating animals in the food industry. Even if they are guarded and placed at a safe area, these animals still have the right to live and be treated with proper care.

•    To be a vegetarian means to help the environment

Fight Climate Change

Fight Climate

Meat manufacturing companies and fur farming industry harm the environment. This is through the waste that comes from the animal resources of manufacturing food and other products. If more people are into vegetables and fruits, this can be gradually stopped. So by reducing the serving of meat in your meals you can contribute to having clean air and water, other than protecting animals.

Being a vegetarian is really helpful and healthy. You are not the only recipient of the benefits, but also animals and the environment.


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