Don’t Throw Onion Out of Your Plate. You Have No Idea What It Does to Your Health

Onion is mostly used in stir fry dishes as well as other foods. But this is not just a good ingredient for sautéing. It also has miraculous benefits to the health.

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This basic food ingredient contains properties that are very essential to the body. Let’s talk about each one of those advantages below.

#1 – Anti-Inflammation

If you feel tired or have muscle pain more frequently, this can be lessened or prevented. Onion has antioxidants that can play a great role in stimulating white blood cells and react to any occurrence of an inflammation.

#2 – Protection of the Heart

Blood clotting can be prevented through sulfur, which is a major component of onion. There are also flavonoids that are good for the heart. The long term effect of this is that it reduces the risk of high cholesterols, high blood pressures, strokes, and cardiovascular disease. Either raw or cooked, this can be eaten.

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#3 – Bone Strength

Strong bones are vital to avoid osteoporosis. This can be maintained with the help of onion. It means it must be regularly consumed in order to have these features. In addition, women are recommended to eat foods that strengthen bones, because during menopausal the bones tend to likely become weak.

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#4 – Body Detox

Harmful chemicals in the body can cause problems. They must be flushed out. Onion has the ability to remove toxins and dangerous compounds, such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. The presence of other important vitamins, most especially vitamin C, is effective in keeping bad bacteria away.

#5 – Cancer Prevention

Like garlic, onion can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, including colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. To increase this possibility, you must eat at least one clove of onion daily. The antioxidants are significant to block free radicals that damage cells.

#6 – Blood Sugar Neutralizer

There’s also evidence that shows onion has that ability to balance blood glucose. This makes it very essential to people with diabetes. They must add more onion slices into their dishes.

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#7 – Anti-Bacterial

Bad bacteria are prevented from over populating when the essential compounds of onion are absorbed. It can destroy a lot of disturbing bacteria and fungi that cause other health problems.

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When I cook foods, I always add more onions. Before it’s just a habit because slices of this ingredient make a great presentation especially when raw. Once I learned these benefits, I consume more. I think you should do the same.

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