Rub Your Stomach with Peppermint Oil when It Aches. This and Other Issues are Treated

Oils are extracted from natural ingredients. This is the reason why they promise great advantages. There’s no complication, pollutants, or contamination. It’s accurate to treat certain conditions and soothe some minor problems.

We’ve already talked about some essential oils. This time we’re going to find out what peppermint oil can do when used.

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Peppermint oil is from the leaves of peppermint. This is commonly used as food dressing or flavoring, scent in fragrance, and ointment on skin. But what it does exactly is not similar to other oils. Some may be very common, and others aren’t. To be sure, let’s find out what those benefits are.

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#1 – Soothes Stomach Ache

This is very effective in relieving an upset stomach or a tummy ache. Just drop an amount of oil and rub on the area where it hurts the most. It should make you feel better after several minutes. It’s even safe to use in infants and toddlers when they’re experiencing stomach aches.

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#2 – Makes Headache Go Away

Dizziness or migraine can be treated with a few drops of this oil. Apply on the affected area and gently massage. It still works without rubbing. But be careful when applying to avoid irritating your eyes since this is minty.

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#3 – Suppresses Nausea

When you feel like nauseating, open the bottle of your peppermint oil and inhale or apply a small amount around your nostrils. It has cooling effect that can help you feel better

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#4 – Relaxes Muscle Pain

Like most oils, peppermint has properties to relieve muscle pain and inflammation. It chemically treats the stiffness and swelling. This is also a great way to use in soothing tired feet. You can have your own home spa, which also helps in clearing odor and killing bacteria.

Aside from providing cure or relief, peppermint oil can also add a little comfort to some of your needs.

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#1 – Freshens Breath

Peppermint is a great mouth freshener. You can use this in case you forgot your toothbrush while on a hiking trip or need instant mouthwash from eating foods at a wedding event.

Aside from that, this can be also used as homemade toothpaste. Just mix to baking soda and sea salt.

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#2 – Glosses Lips

You can also make a lip balm out of peppermint oil. But you need other ingredients for mixture: 3 tablespoons of beeswax and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. You only need 8 drops of this oil though. To create, melt both beeswax and coconut oil as you stir in peppermint. Put the mixture in a container with cap and store until becomes waxy then it’s ready to be used.

Making your own lip balm is super simple and you need just 3 ingredients.

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#3 – Adds Fresh in the Air

If it’s good to your smell, then works the same with diffused in the air. It’s aromatherapeutic that can provide a fresher air. It helps remove bad odor, too.

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#4 – Repels Ants

Having any issue with ants coming in and out of your house but don’t want to kill them? Then use peppermint oil. Soak some cotton balls with oil and place in areas where ants are found.

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#5 – Cleans Surfaces

Small stains can be also removed with this oil. You can’t obviously use it to mop your floor, but this is effective for instant cleanup of minor stains and odor in your kitchen area.

If you’ve been using peppermint oil only for your salad dressing or as ointment, now you know there are more you can do with it. So have more bottles stored in your cabinet for emergency use.

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