Menstrual Cramps No More. Ladies, You Have to Read this!

For at least once, every lady suffers from menstrual cramp, which is a contraction in the uterus. That’s pretty normal but nobody likes to feel that ache. It can make you feel like losing energy, change moods, and affect your productivity.

In other words, you don’t want it to happen ever, especially if it’s a day of doing some important things. Thankfully, you can beat that the natural ways.

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When I say naturally, it means there’s no absolutely use of pills. Many say that taking a pill or two can help relieve pain. It does soothe the pain away, but remember that such medications have their own benefits, so it’s not really advisable to take that every month or everytime you have cramps.

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You have to understand that a contraction in the uterus is a reaction to the loss of oxygen. The blood flow can temporarily cover space where oxygen should be present, and this is why the pain occurs. So what must be basically done is to prevent that from happening.

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There are several options to do bring oxygen down to the uterus. The first option is exercise prior to the week of your menstrual period. I’ve been doing this and really works, although sometimes I forgot, so I suffer from that pain still. I encourage you to do that as well.

Simple exercises such as jogging, riding a bike, rope jumping, squatting, sitting up, and even yoga are enough. You don’t have to go to the gym and use heavy equipment as well. And the long-term side is that it can improve your shape and health. Make sure to know when is your due so you can manage your time to exercise. But if you are able to exercise almost everyday then there should be no problem. My advice is to always track down the first and last day of your menstruation so you can have an idea when to exercise.

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If in case you forget to exercise beforehand or seems that doesn’t work, the use of heating pad or anything warm can help. The warmth feeling is able to relax muscles that can lead to letting oxygen flow.

Massaging the affected area, taking a nice warm bath, and having a nap or sleep are other natural remedies of menstrual cramp. The key is to just relax when you suffer from this pain. It can give you that relaxing feeling that help build up oxygen.

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Do not forget that a healthy diet also plays a vital role in preventing menstrual cramps. This can be caused by imbalanced hormones, which due to lack of good foods. Hence, you should check your diet if it’s healthy enough or not. During menstruation, it’s also important to eat the right kinds of foods and drink good beverages. As much as possible, consume only organic and plant-based foods.

What your body must absorb to further prevent cramps and other disorders caused by menstruation or hormonal imbalance are any foods that contain calcium, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, and good or healthy fats. Try to avoid caffeinated and processed foods, too.

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The bottom line here is that you should resolve things naturally when it comes to your body. The pain of menstrual cramps may be bearable and temporary, yet think of the long term effects. What you put to your body always affects health so better opt for something more natural and safer. So to deal with this particular issue, follow the suggestions listed above. They won’t cost you anything but time and dedication.

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