Why Eat Oatmeal Daily? You’re Not Gonna Believe This

Oatmeal is a type of whole grain that is popularly prepared for breakfast, sometimes for snack and desserts. Other than crunchy and delicious, this food is healthy as it contains lots of nutrients that are vital to the body, mind, and energy.

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In most occasions, oatmeal is eaten with slices of various fruits. It’s an excellent choice of breakfast as it can provide energy needed for the day. There’s more than just about its energy boosting properties to offer. That’s because oatmeal is packed with many essential vitamins and minerals. Let’s see what this food can do to your body that can be also beneficial in the long run.

#1 – Maintains Weight

Like most grains, oatmeal is a very good source of fiber. This compound helps a lot in making you feel full. Thus, you are able to control your consumption, and this is how you can maintain your body weight. It’s easier to avoid sugary and salty snacks that are usually taken between meals. Plus, there are low calories of spoonful of oatmeal. And if you like to lose some pounds, this is the food to keep! Many experts recommend this for children as well to prevent the possibility of being obese.

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#2 – Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Fiber is also important in controlling the levels of cholesterols. Normally, the lower the cholesterols are the better. When you eat spoons of oatmeal, the fiber helps in reducing bad cholesterols, which are known as LDL. It’s not good if you have high cholesterol, because you’d be more prone to sicknesses, including stroke and hypertension. So if you have problem with your cholesterols, eat more oatmeal.

#3 – Regulates Blood Pressure

Another effect of fiber is that it is able to lower high blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Avenanthramides , which are also found in oats, can protect your heart by preventing the arteries from hardening or thickening. It means there’s a normal, better flow of blood. Those who suffer from high blood pressure must eat oatmeal more often. Women who undergo post-menopausal should also take more of this per day.

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#4 – Controls Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels are much easier controlled when the body has more fiber. This is also an important benefit of eating oatmeal and absorbing its fiber. There’s a greater chance to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Other than fiber, magnesium is able to normalize the glucose and insulin levels. Those with diabetes are recommended to eat a bowl of oatmeal per day. It helps regulate their blood sugar levels.

#5 – Improves the Immune System

Not all people are familiar with scientific and medical terms. But beta-glucan fiber that is also found in oats enhances your immune. It’s always important that the immune system is improved to have a greater defense in fighting infections from bacterial to fungal. If you have an excellent immune system, you are less vulnerable to certain illnesses, such as common cold, eye infection, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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#6 – Contains Lots of Antioxidants

Antioxidants can do many things to body and skin. Good thing there are some antioxidants present in oatmeal. One is avenanthramide, which is already mentioned previously, that is able to fight off free radicals that can cause cells to be cancerous. Therefore, it helps in reducing the risk of certain types of cancers.

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Other antioxidants are good in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. This is why some people, most especially the ladies, put on some milk or honey-soaked oatmeal on their faces and neck to get a more youthful, spot-less skin.

When you buy oatmeal, there’s some caution to keep in mind. You need to choose regular and whole oatmeal as they contain zero sugar and sodium. Some brands of oatmeal do have sugar or sodium, or both, and that’s not a good choice.

It’s also better if you add some fruits to your cup or bowl of oatmeal. This doesn’t only make the flavor more tasteful, but also add more nutrients.

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The most important of all is to regularly eat oatmeal and have a fun time on your breakfast. It should be also added to some of your desserts or snacks. Point is this food ingredient is not only suitable for your meal in the morning. It’s also a great addition to other foods, which mean you can eat at anytime, as long as you are able to get enough nutrients from consumption.

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