Why Drink Cranberry Juice? The Answer is Unexpected

Cranberry juice is a refreshing, healthy beverage that you should drink regularly. You can find relief from minor issues and prevent serious health problems.

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You may not like the taste of pure cranberry because this is naturally sour. But if you’ve been drinking orange or pineapple juice, then it should work the same for you taste buds. It’s not really sour, only some kids may reject this drink. As far as healthy diet is concerned, this should be added to your regular drink list.

Cranberries offer a great deal of positive effects to the body. It has numerous antioxidants that exceed more than the amount of some so-called ‘superfoods’, such as broccoli, spinach, blueberries, and apples. A single cup of this fruit (fresh) provides thousands of antioxidants, and this amount is equal to a glass of drink.

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The following are particular health conditions that can be prevented by cranberry juice drink.

Urinary Tract Infections

Our urinary tracts can be easily infected. These are the place where wastes are collected, that’s why we flush them out when we urinate. The problem is that there would still be toxins left and full of bacteria. If these are not protected, you can suffer from urinary tract infection or UTI.

The best fruit, and among foods, against this infection is cranberry. If you’ve been diagnosed with this before, it’s recommended to drink more of its juice to prevent the recurrence of this problem. Remember this can only prevent, and not treat UTI. You must be given a prescription of the right medicines in order to be cured from it.

Kidney Stones

Cranberry is acidic in nature as well as provides acid residues. This makes it a good source of acid components that can be very beneficial in preventing the formation of kidney stones. This is a more serious problem than UTI. It can affect the way a person urinates. He’ll have difficulty removing wastes.

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Respiratory Infections

Infections that develop in the respiratory can be prevented by drinking cranberry. It is rich in vitamin C that doesn’t only improve the immune system, but also cures respiratory problems, including common cold, sore throats, flu or influenza, asthma symptoms, and infection in the lungs.

Tumor and Cancer

We can talk scientific terms here and you may still be raising eyebrows. Yet, particular compounds (polyphenolic and salicylic) of cranberries are able to inhibit development or spread of tumor.

Proanthocyanidins, along with other anti-carcinogenic properties, are additional substances of this fruit that help a lot in eliminating cancerous cells. Thus, there’s a high chance of reducing the risk of cancer types, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

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Calcium Deficiency

Drinking cranberry can provife you calcium. It’s not only milk that has this mineral. In fact, there are other plant based foods that contain calcium, but cranberry is one of them that have a great amount. If you have enough calcium, it’s easy to prevent osteoporosis.

Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease

To further protect your heart, it’s strongly suggested to drink cranberry juice in a more regular basis. It prevents blood clotting, strokes, hypertension, and cardiovascular in the long run. This also helps eliminate the risk of high cholesterols.

Peptic Ulcers

Inflammation of the stomach lining is a very common symptom of peptic ulcer. This happens due to bad bacteria, and they grow and multiply. But thanks to the flavonoids of cranberries which help treat peptic ulcers.

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Tooth Decay

Kids usually suffer from this issue. Their teeth are weak and still replaceable, that’s why it’s easy for one tooth to decay. But even adults can have this problem if they have the habit of smoking and eating lots of sweets. Though not a serious problem, you still should prevent it. Drinking pure fresh cranberries can be a great help since it has anti-bacterial properties.

Pre-Mature Aging

For skin health, especially to people who are getting older, cranberry juice is able to make you look younger. The numerous antioxidants and phytonutrients of this fruit are responsible for that.

Cranberries are delicious fruits, which you can eat raw, add to fruit salad, make a glass of smoothie, or blend in baking ingredients. But drinking it alone means there’s a higher chance of getting enough nutrients to prevent the illnesses mentioned above.

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