Why Apple Cider Vinegar is Better than Sugarcane Vinegar? Or Is It the Other Way Around?

From skin to hair and pets to flooring, apple cider vinegar is useful in many ways. More people are choosing this over sugarcane vinegar because of extra benefits.


Don’t get me wrong, sugarcane vinegar does have benefits, but if you compare the number of advantages, apple cider vinegar wins this battle. It tastes better, and it’s more than just a dressing for your green salad. It works as home cleaning solution, too!

Still not convinced? Well, here are incredible health benefits and home solutions of apple cider vinegar.

1 – Regulates pH in Skin

Hydrating skin and maintaining its normal pH balance are the results of applying apple cider vinegar on skin. You can count on this as a facial and skin solution. Within a few weeks, you’d see a flawless skin. It means it can remove acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It’s best if you dab on some on your skin and leave for the rest of the night. Make sure you wash your face before putting on this kind of vinegar.


2 – Cures Sunburned Skin

Sunburn can be really excruciating sometimes. If it’s not bearable, mix some apple cider vinegar with water and rinse the affected area. If it’s more than just one area, pour a cup of this vinegar to your tub and soak for at least 10 minutes. This helps in soothing and treating your burned skin.

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3 – Gets Rid of Warts

Those who have warts can also find relief with apple cider vinegar. Once you apply a small amount, the skin reacts to its acidity, so it may swell and ache a little. But this natural solution helps remove wart eventually. Just continue applying on the affected area until it de-attaches. Put on a band-aid afterwards to avoid getting it infected.


4 – Aids in Massaging

Essential oils are great and beneficial to use for massage treatment. But they can be expensive, aren’t they? For a much cheaper solution, apple cider vinegar is an excellent solution. It can provide soothing effect and smoothness on skin.


5 – Makes Hair Shinier

You can also pour some apple cider vinegar onto your hair right after shampooing. It has properties that do not only help treat itchy scalp, but also make the color glower. It’s safer to use than any commercial hair products, because it’s organic.


6 – Removes Teeth and Freshens Breath

That yellow stain can start plaque and other oral problems, so it must be removed as immediately as possible. Fortunately, this natural solution is also able to remove stains on teeth. Other than that, it can cure bad breath. You can gargle with a mixture of this vinegar and water every morning, and after every brush of your teeth.

7 – Balances Bodily Fluids’ pH Levels

In number 1, it’s mentioned that skin’s pH balance can be normalized with apple cider vinegar. The entire body system’s pH is also regulated with this same natural solution. It implies that there is balance in alkaline and acid intake. If you haven’t, your body must be able to have more alkalinity than acidity. If you have more acid, it’s not good. Hence, a balanced pH level is necessary. Candida or Yeast InfectionSourcacneeinsteine

8 – Treats Candida or Yeast Infection

There are also properties of apple cider vinegar that help kill candida. Also commonly known as yeast, this can cause you to suffer from infection, oral thrush, fatigue, and poor memory. Good thing this type of vinegar is one of the most beneficial and cheapest remedies.

9 – Cleanses Lymph Nodes

This vinegar has the capacity to keep the lymph nodes clean, too. As a result, it can lessen mucous, treat the symptoms of sinusitis, reduce allergies, cure sore throats, and alleviate headaches.

10 – Reduces Heartburn

If your body has low acid, the heart gets relief from heartburn. Vinegar may be acidic in nature, but it actually helps reduce the side effects of high acid. This also has the same effect in treating ulcer.

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11 – Detoxifies the Body

This kind of vinegar cleanses lymph nodes, which mean it improves the immune system. Plus, it can boost the body’s pH levels. In general, it detoxifies the body, removing toxins and other harmful compounds that are absorbed.

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12 – Aids in Weight Loss

If you like to lose some weight or maintain your body shape, apple cider vinegar is a great solution. Besides it cheap cost, it is natural, so safety is guaranteed. Just add a couple of teaspoons of this vinegar and mix it with your average glass of water. If you can drink this on a more regular basis, then it’s easy for you to shed pounds quickly.

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13 – Keeps Away Dog Fleas

Fleas and other parasites of dogs can be irritating. They don’t only make your pets feel uncomfortable, but also cause you to become itchy once a single flea or more are transferred onto your skin. These tiny insects may be small but enough to put danger to your dog’s health. To get rid of them and prevent future infestation, spray some apple cider vinegar.

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14 – Eliminates Stains at Home

This natural solution is also a good choice of home cleaner. It can remove stain on your floor, carpet, table, wall, and other parts of your house. This is a much safer and Eco-friendly cleansing liquid, while cheaper than most chemically formulated products.

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15 – Refreshes a Room

Other that cleaning, apple cider vinegar can add fresh odor. You can drop some vinegar into a bucket of water that you use to clean the flooring, windows, toilets, and other surfaces.


16 – Acts as a Dishwashing Liquid

Lastly, this vinegar can be used to clean dishes. With water, the solution is able to keep your plates, glasses, bowls, and other cutlery pieces bacteria-free.

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Apple cider vinegar is made from apple, as you may have already guessed, or if not, then now you know. It’s been diluted to become vinegar. A small drop is enough to provide you benefits, particularly the ones discussed above. So the next time you buy some vinegar, better grab the product labeled as apple cider vinegar.

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