When I Breastfed My Babies, These are the Foods that I Avoided. You Should Too!

After pregnancy, there are do’s and don’ts to eat. During the time of breastfeeding babies, there are also foods to eat and avoid. It’s an important matter to exactly know the foods to avoid and that’s what this post is all about.

I’m going to share to you the foods that I didn’t eat when I breastfeed my a few years ago. Trust me, these are also recommended by doctors and experts.

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#1 – Citrus Fruits

Fruits are essential to eat for mothers who breastfeed. The exemption is anything that belongs to the citrus category. Among the common citrus fruits are oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes. What happens if babies absorb the acidity in such fruits is that they develop gastrointestinal tract or GI. Symptoms of this condition include spitting and fussiness.

#2 – Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and radishes are basically healthy. They have health properties that strengthen the immune system, fight off cancer, and many more. However, it’s not advisable to eat by mothers who breastfeed. They can cause painful gas in babies.

#3 – Garlic and Spicy Foods

As vegetarian, spicy food is something difficult to resist. For sure you know what I mean, but please avoid any dish with spices and garlic while breastfeeding. It won’t do any bad effects to your baby’s health, but the pungent odor and flavor can be offensive. This can make the child lose appetite.

#4 – Allergy-Triggering Foods

Peanuts, soy, wheat, and corn are some of the common foods that can trigger allergies in babes. So if you are breastfeeding, ensure to avoid these foods for the meantime. Allergic reaction is not comfortable to babies, although not considered a serious condition.

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#5 – Caffeinated Drinks

From coffee to soda, drinks with caffeine should be also avoided. Sometimes, there are caffeinated teas too, which you have to avoid. Caffeine can be absorbed by the baby through milk that can cause irritation and crankiness in babies. It’s also possible that they will experience difficulty sleeping.

#6 – Cow’s Milk

It’s always important to breastfeed and never substitute with dairy milk, such as the one from cow. But it’s not also advisable to drink milk during your breastfeeding phase. It’s still likely to absorb the properties in cow’s milk by your baby, and can lead to some bad effects, which include vomiting, sleeplessness, and eczema.

#7 – Alcohol

This is not a suggestion, but should be based on common sense too, so a no-brainer as well. Alcohol, which includes red wine, whiskey, and beer, is not something you want your child to get at this very early age.

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So there is the list of foods and also drinks that you must never consume while still breastfeeding your baby. Other healthy foods should be eaten for your baby to sustain essential nutrients that they need for their growth and development.

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