Regulate Your Blood Sugar with These 7 Fruits – Yes, They Work for Diabetics, Too!

Yearly, many cases of diabetes are reported from all over the world, and because of that, this disease is not new anymore. It can be caused by a lot of things, which are normally due to bad habits and poor lifestyles.

If a person is diabetic, his blood sugar or glucose levels increase. The production of insulin that helps regulate blood sugar is reduced. It can be classified as Type 1 or Type 2, depending on the status of the insulin production. It’s Type 1 if the body fails to release insulin, while Type 2 if the body doesn’t properly use the produced insulin. Once the body doesn’t have insulin the blood glucose is greatly affected, which can lead to a variety of complications, such as kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, poor blood circulation, hearing loss, and blindness.

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So much for the bad news, huh? Then, let’s proceed to something more positive and wonderful to read on.

Many natural ingredients have the capacity to regulate blood sugar levels. You can find them in some of your favorite fruits! We’ve narrowed down the best choices of fruits that can assist your body in producing insulin. Here are 7 to keep in mind.


1 – Apples

This bright red fruit is very common to a lot of people. Kids love them, adults want them! If you are not fond of apples, though, then you need to eat more often. It is one of the healthiest fruits you can ever eat, and more particularly, it helps normalizes blood glucose levels.

There are many health benefits of apples other than aiding the production of insulin. That’s because a single apply contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties. It is high in soluble fiber and vitamin C.


2 – Cherries

Cherries are not just tiny red toppings of cakes. They have special compound called anthocyanins that help lower blood sugar levels. This works by releasing insulin by about 50 percent, which is huge!


3 – Plums

You can also get anthocyanins from plums. Other than that, there’s ellagic acid and hydrolysable tannins. All these are essential compounds that are helpful for people with diabetes. In fact, it’s not only the fruit that can help you regulate your blood sugar – even their seeds and leaves!


4 – Grapefruit

This orange-like fruit is among the best foods that are recommended by the American Diabetes Association to take to combat diabetes. There are plenty of nutrients for insulin production. These include naringenin, which is a type of flavonoid, that helps increase the body’s capacity to release insulin.


5 – Avocado

Another superfood, or rather fruit, that must be consumed to have normal blood sugar levels is avocado. This is rich in monounsaturated fat and fiber. It also has potassium that is beneficial in preventing diabetic neuropathy.


6 – Strawberries

Who wouldn’t love strawberries being juicy and sweet? This also is high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that can maintain blood glucose levels. It is suggested to eat a half cup of this fruit daily to keep blood sugar at a normal level.


7 – Kiwi

One last type of fruit for diabetic people or those with abnormal blood sugar level is kiwi. This is not only delicious, but healthy, too! You can absorb amazing nutrients that help regulate the body’s blood glucose.

This list of fruits must be your guide on what to eat daily, whether as for snack, or part of your meals. If you keep these fruits regularly and in moderation, then your blood sugar level will likely normalize over the long run. Besides, they are very yummy to bite!

These are really amazing fruits for Diabetics. If you care then please share this information with your family and friends!!!


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