Red Clover Isn’t Just a Small Flower. It’s Also a Medicinal Herb. Here are the Benefits

At one of my aunt’s house, there are some plants of red clovers. I pick some whenever I pay her a visit. It’s unfortunate for me to grow them on my own because of the environment where I’m living. So, yeah one of the reasons I visit her is to get some that I can use as either tea or extracts. Please, don’t tell her that bit, haha! Anyway, let’s focus on why I’m sharing you some facts about red clover.



Botanically, red clover is a type of herb and belongs to the family of legume. This isn’t just a typical herb, but a medicinal plant that can surely provide you lots of health benefits.


#1 – Treats Skin and Facial Problems

Red clover isn’t that very common as an ingredient in many skin care products. I wonder why this isn’t yet famous since it has essential compounds that fairly treat skin conditions and other facial problems. You can apply cream that’s made of this herb to treat acne, allergies, rashes, as well as psoriasis and eczema.

Protects the Hearttridenthealthsystem

#2 – Protects the Heart

One very significant compound present in red clover is isoflavones. This is helpful in increasing the amount or level of HDL (good) cholesterols, and reduces LDL (bad) cholesterols at the same time.

Another advantage of this herb is that it thins blood, making it less prone to thickening or clotting. It also maintains stronger arteries.

With all these, the heart is protected against possible stroke or heart attack, and cardiovascular disease. Isn’t that some great news to hear?

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#3 – Strengthens Bones

To have healthier bones, take some red clover supplements or add some extract to your drink regularly. You may also drink a red clover tea blended with honey. Whatever your options are, there are properties of this herb that prevents osteoporosis and bone loss.

Based on research studies, osteoporosis in women most likely develops if the amount of estrogen in the body is decreased. One way to combat that is to have enough or maintain the normal estrogen level. Fortunately, red clover can help sustain the needed estrogen counts.

Enhances the Respiratory Systemcollective-evolution

#4 – Enhances the Respiratory System

Common colds, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, and lung cancer are conditions that greatly affect the respiratory system. These can be prevented with red clover. In fact, this herb is able to soothe or lessen some signs of lung problems.

In my own experience, I sometimes use red clover to treat cold and cough whenever someone in our family has it. It really works, and it’s one of the many natural remedies you should try and rely on.

Reduces the Risk of Cancerkarunaflame

#5 – Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Isoflavones isn’t only beneficial to the heart. It’s also vital to keep cells healthy. This makes it an anti-cancer agent. Believe it or not, red clover can help lessen the risk of certain cancers, most especially prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and endometrial cancers. For breast cancer, there’s no proven effect yet, which means it’s not yet safe or highly encouraged to take red clover in minimizing the risk of this cancer.

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countrysidesigmamenopause

#6 – Soothes Menopausal Side Effects

Another wonderful work of isoflavones, which is actually a phytoestrogen, is that it acts almost the same as estrogen in a woman’s body. Estrogen naturally aids some of the common conditions female feel, such as dizziness or nausea during menstruation. Not only that; this compound also relieves or eliminates most side effects of menopause. Hence, red clover that contains isoflavones is a good solution to have for menopausal women.


Now, do you fully get it why I’m just ecstatic to visit my aunt’s place in relation to red clover? You cannot judge me for that for sure, but also understand I love her and there are other reasons why going to her house is more common.

I only included this to give you an idea of why I love red clover. As you have read and probably concluded, this herb is very essential to the body because of the several health benefits. That said, you should take more red clover or try it if you haven’t. You can make your own extract or buy among the recommended brands of red clover products available at leading drug stores.

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