Using Leather? This Will Make You Sick In Your Stomach About It

For beginners, there may be a confusion whether the using and wearing of leather is good or not. Some do not eat meat, but they wear leather. If an individual is a vegetarian, why there is a need to say no to leather as well?

Say No to Leather

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Vegetarians generally stay away from eating animals. That’s why they resort to vegetables, fruits, and other alternatives of meats. Vegetarianism is a harmless lifestyle where the main purpose is to protect the interests of animals and respect every living species.

Veg diet

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It is hypocritical to not eat meat and use leather at the same time. The concern of a vegetarians must not be only about his health or diet. It must be also be about caring for the animals.

People who are into vegetarianism can have different reasons for it. Basically, this is a lifestyle that refers to what a person eats, which must involve only meatless products. However, to be fully a vegetarian, one must have a concern of other aspects also. These include religion, ethics, and environment.


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Being a vegetarian means taking care and having concerns for animals. It is compassion and kindness towards animals.

Leather has been used for a variety of commercial products in the world for decades. This material is from the skin of animals. It is manufactured to produce handbags, clothes, shoes, belts and other accessories.

Leather Clothes

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The picture above does look good, isn’t it? Not, until you see how these products are actually manufactured. See the gruesome photos below.

Animal Cruelty

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Cow Killing

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Leather Making

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To obtain leather, animals must be killed mercilessly. The wool from sheep is quite fair, because they do not kill them. They just get their fur to be used mostly as coats. For leather, it is a different story. It is a brutal truth that tiger, leopard, crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, cows and other animals are tortured and slaughtered to generate materials for manufacturing.

There is a big connection between leather and beef industry. The meat is processed, while the skin is used to manufacture leather products. Companies that produce meat have ties with other corporations that sell leather. In other words, there is a need to kill animals just to get leather.

Say No to Leather1

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If you are wearing a leather jacket, leather shoes, and other items made from animal skins, you support the killing of animals. That is not being a true vegetarian. If you are committed to stay vegetarian for the rest of your life, please stop using leather as well.

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