Let’s Talk About Cherries. This Is Going To Blow Your Mind!

Cherries are famous fruit for topping. You place on top of a cupcake, an ice cream, and almost any dessert. But there’s more to that, because this small, delicious food can do so much for you, and means your body or health.

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Berries aren’t the only fruits that are rich in antioxidants. Cherries also are full of antioxidants. The benefits that most berries provide are similar to cherries. Below is a list of the specifics, so thank these antioxidants!

#1 – Blood Sugar Regulation

Cherries can protect you from diabetes. They have low glycemic index – lower than blueberries, grapes, and peaches. People with diabetes should eat this fruit more.

#2 – Prevention of Colon Cancer

One of the benefits of antioxidants is that it reduces the risk of cancers. If you eat a lot of cherries daily, it can help you prevent colon cancer.

#3 – Weapon against Alzheimer’s Disease

Another benefit that antioxidants do is that they help boost the memory. This is very essential with people who have Alzheimer’s. It’s also recommended to take by senior citizens.

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#4 – Low Risk of Stroke and Other Heart Problems

There’s also reduced cholesterols and blood pressure when you eat cherries. Anthocynanins are present in this fruit, and this is responsible in making that happen. The result of this is less chance of having stroke, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. It can also regulate the normal rate of the heart, making it healthier.

#5 – Reliever of Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Pain in any part of the body can be treated with cherries. Well, not exactly to cure the ache or make the pain go away, but it can reduce the soreness or excruciating feeling and inflammation. It’s better to drink cherries to have a higher amount of its nutrients that help reduce muscle pain.

Other than relieving pain, cherries contain boron that increases bone health. But this chemically works if calcium and magnesium are both absorbed at the same time. Perhaps, you might want to add some dairy to your cup of cherries or mixed fruits with cherries.

You can also expect to get relief when suffering from osteoarthritis. Affected joints that are swollen can be really painful, but thank goodness to cherries!

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#6 – Aid in Better Sleeping

If you have some problem in getting good sleep, find resort in cherries! The melatonin content of this fruit can help regulate your sleep. So skip one of your tea nights and drink a cup of cherry juice instead.

#7 – Decrease of Fat in the Belly

This can be interesting to people with fat stomach. Well, it’s not a myth or a joke. Cherries can help reduce the fat in your belly.

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#8 – Solution to Weight Loss

You can also rely losing some pounds with cherries. It contains 75% water that makes it a great choice of fruit in keeping your calories low. The fiber present in this fruit is another reason of lowering calorie counts.

#9 – Slowing of Skin Aging

Antioxidants have their side effects, and one of them is the improvement of skin. The antioxidants in cherries fight free radicals that are causing your skin to look old. Thus, this fruit helps slow down aging and prevent pre-mature aging.

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These are great reasons for you to eat more cherries! You really should encourage yourself to have more of this or drink its juice in order to enjoy the health benefits it promises. Anyhow, you can do a lot of things with cherries from tart to pie.

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