Itchy Hair Because of Lice? You Should Never Miss This

Hair lice are itchy, annoying, and embarrassing. You need to get rid of these tiny pests before they can fully damage your scalp, hair, and mood, of course.


Removing Lice Naturallykellythekitchenkop

The methods of removing lice naturally, which you’re going to learn on this page, are a combination of two or more steps. The whole process requires patience but it’s worth it. Plus, you don’t have to spend a big amount of cash, so it’s a winning option!

Lavender Oilmindbodygreen

Essential Oilessentialoilsindian

The use of essential oils can help eradicate lice for good. The best choices to choose from are the following:
• tea tree oil
• eucalyptus oil
• lavender oil
• clove oil
• cinnamon leaf oil
• neem oil
• aniseed oil
• peppermint oil
• nutmeg oil
• red thyme oil

First Method


Step 1 – Apply Oil on Hair

From the list of essential oils above, choose one which is best for your needs. Some may not be good to your smell.

Before applying, make sure your hair is dry and clean. Pour adequate amount of oil that you pick and coat all over your hair. Do it the same thing you do when shampooing.

Comb Hairfirstaid

Step 2 – Comb Hair

There’s a special comb used to remove lice, and that’s what you need to use. After applying oil, start combing from the top down. Do this in strokes so all lice are removed from the hair. You may also pour some oil on the comb before stroking your hair.

You have two options when doing this step. The first one is to comb with oil and then rinse with water. If you choose this, then you need to be in a bathroom. The other option is to catch lice removed from the hair using a large bowl. It must be white in color to easily identify lice. You need to smother lice so it guarantees they won’t come back to your hair.

Shampoo Hairwikihow

Step 3 – Shampoo Hair

Once you’re done with the combing, you must rinse your hair. You use regular shampoo, and then rinse. This is to ensure that any lice left in hair are removed.

Do this twice a day, and everyday, until no lice is longer creeping in your hair.

This same method works in children as well. It’s safe and friendly.

You can also apply this method even when you think you don’t have any lice anymore. It’s a possibility that there are eggs left, and you surely don’t want to have another dozen or hundreds of lice.

Additional Tips:
1. Apple cider vinegar has properties that can help get rid of lice. This is also an effective natural solution you may use, if essential oil seems to be expensive to you or if you don’t have any oil at hand.
2. Wash the towel you use in rinsing off oil and lice from your hair. Some lice can stay in the towel, and when you don’t wash it, they can come back in your hair the next time you use.
3. Mix olive oil with several drops of another essential oil. Soak a cotton ball in it and apply to all over your scalp. You may also use a spray with essential oil, which is better to use and apply in hair. Leave the solution on scalp and hair for the rest of the night. Comb and rinse at the same time in the morning. Do this every night to ensure lice are gone.

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The presence of lice is really a nuisance. It makes you feel uncomfortable when your head starts to become itchy. And it’s not easy to just scratch it when you’re in a public place. You really have to get rid of it to be able to feel much better.

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