Is Vegetarian Diet Safe For Kids? The Answer Is Very Surprising!

Vegetarian diet is certainly safe for kids – for everyone as a matter of fact! Some parents worry that their children may be low in protein and iron if they feed them full vegetarian meals. To make you feel more comfortable and less worried, vegetarianism actually provides a much healthier and longer life.

Vegetarian Diet is Safe for Kids

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Basically, vegetarianism is a plant-based diet. It also includes the consumption of milk and some dairy products. It means there is no meat included. And what do vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and lentils possess? Yes, you are right, if you thought about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Kids who eat vegetarian foods will NEVER be low in iron, protein, and other nutrients. Instead, they grow up healthier throughout their life compared to non-vegetarian kids.

Kids Who Eat Vegetarian Foods

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How can kids get protein if a vegetarian meal does not include any kind of meat? There are many organic ingredients that can be used to replace meat. And you won’t have to worry about protein intake because most meat alternatives contain it. These include tofu and tempeh. Not to mention that many vegetables have high amount of protein, too.

Vegetables Have High Amount of Protein

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If you start feeding your kids with vegetarian foods as early as they start eating, there is no difficulty raising them to be a vegetarian. If they are toddlers or young teens, it can be really a tough one to make them love vegetarian foods. But remember that vegetarianism does not only involve food matters. It is also about having knowledge regarding the ethical issues of animals being used for food, clothes, furniture, and other accessories. This implies that you have to teach kids about why you eat vegetables and not meat. Most kids won’t deeply understand the importance of nutrients and being healthy, but they can be more perceptive of the reasons behind vegetarianism.


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You may have heard that children who are vegetarians are likely a bit smaller than other kids who eat meat. That may be true in many cases, but it does not mean they are less healthy. The truth is that most kids who are into junk foods, burgers, sugar-based, and other fast foods gain more fat than nutritional values. It is for this scientific reason that they look bigger, but less healthy. If you can still compare the same children when they grow up, you’ll see that vegetarian ones can catch up and have a much better body.

If you want to raise your kids on a vegetarian diet, here are some tips and ideas.
• After breastfeeding, children (age 4 months to 1 year old) must be provided with cereals fortified with iron or iron supplements.

Breastfeeding Supplement

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• For 1 year to 3 years old, vitamin D is more needed. So, supply fruits and vegetables that have this vitamin.

Vitamin D Fruits

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• Let your kids drink full-fat soy milk or cow milk.

Cow Milk

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• Give healthier snacks and desserts that contain more nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Healthier Snacks

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Raising kids to become vegetarians may be a bit demanding, but the end result is worth it. They will grow without having to suffer from different illnesses if their immune system is increased and have lots of energy. It is also how they can learn to love and save animals, protect the environment, and appreciate the beautiful world they are living in. So for parents, there is no danger in vegetarian diets for your children. But remember that this kind of healthy living must start within yourself, or else your kids will never dare eating fruits and vegetables.

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