If You Knew What Your Everyday Soap Contains You Will Stop Using It

Is it annoying to wake up one morning and look in the mirror only to discover a small, yet noticeable pimple on your face? Have you experienced sudden itchiness around your arms without knowing the cause?

Pimple on face

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If not a serious skin disorder, it is just probably an irritation caused by the soap you are using. Most commercial soaps can irritate your skin. That’s because of the presence of ingredients that are not actually good for the skin of some people.

Most of the branded soaps that people use these days are made from animal residues (such as the fat), synthetic preservatives, and other additives that are not natural. If you are a vegetarian, this is one of the facts that you must know. It is not just about staying away from foods made from animals, but also avoiding the use of animal products that are applied on skin.


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Vegetarians are strong believers that plants, fruits, and vegetables have natural healing and soothing properties. It is for this primary reason why they eat them instead of meat. And if you 100% agree, which I think you do, the same effects happen when such natural and pure organic ingredients are applied on the skin.


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So yes, there are natural soaps that you can use for your regular bath sessions! If you haven’t, try using natural handmade soaps. These are formulated with organic ingredients, and absolutely animal-free! No harsh chemicals, which can provide a much smoother, healthier, and more fragrant skin. Also it is nice feeling that you are not killing or harming any animal in the process.

Handmade Soaps

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Natural handmade soaps are made with organic ingredients, particularly essential oils. Some of the most common ingredients used are lavender oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, almond oil, lemon, and shea butter. Unlike synthetic oils, these are skin care products that are good for all types of skin as they do not cause irritation.

Because of natural ingredients, handmade soaps have the following benefits:
• blemish-free skin
• soft and smooth skin
• antibacterial properties

Soft and Smooth Skin

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Don’t you want a beautiful, youthful, and soft skin? With the use of soaps that do not contain animal ingredients, your skin becomes smoother and healthier. You will love to touch it all day long. It will be nice to start your day feeling refreshed!

Along with your Skin your Conscious also becomes clean and transparent as you are not doing any harm to any animal!


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