I Am Vegetarian so I Need to Promote Cruelty-Free among Animals. Here’s How

There is National Cruelty-Free Week in United Kingdom that is held yearly from July 17 to 23. Also around the world, Meatless Monday is celebrated, but this is usually for non-vegetarians that support animal cruelty-free. For vegetarians, every day is meatless. So how can you actually promote this kind of campaign? Here are five ways.

MeatLess Monday

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1. Eating plant-based foods.

Eating Plant-Based Foods

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Vegetarians strongly believe that killing animals is like killing another person, because animals must have the same rights as humans. That is why their diet only includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, lentils, some dairy products, and meat alternatives that are plant based.

Vegetable Market

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Some of the animals that are normally but gruesomely killed to produce meats are chicken, pig, cow, and fishes. But PETA and other vegetarian and animal cruelty-free organizations fight for the freedom and rights of animals. They promote the stopping of killings of animals. So instead of killing cow, chicken, or pig to have meats in your plates, just consume fruits, vegetables, and other foods from plants as PETA recommends.

2. Prevent beating or harming animals.

Beating Animal

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Some animals are given maltreatment by people. They kick them, beat them, hang or tie them on the tree, and not even feed them for days. These actions are generally against that law, and not to mention how brutal and ruthless they are. Vegetarian people,  believe that every creature in the world has a privilege to live and feel the goodness of the earth.

All Animals are Equal

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Remember that all animals are equal. If you are one of the people who are against animal cruelty and want to help stop it, then it is time to also realize that every kind of animals is the same. Not because most people think they are useless does not mean they should decrease in numbers. These refer to mice and insects. Dogs and cats are not the only animals that must be treated with love and respect, even the wild and tiny ones. They all are great living creatures that help balance nature.

3. Avoid using animal-made products.

Avoid Using Animal-Made Products

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Some vegetarians, especially beginners, may not be aware of this, but there are products that are actually made from animals. If you have been using eye shadows, you must check the ingredients and stop using them right away if you read the label with something fishy in it. Most beauty and skin care products are formulated with animals as among the main ingredients. If not, they may be tested from animals.

Leather Bag

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Likewise, do not buy or use leather furniture, shoes, bags, and clothes since they are made of animals’ skin. Animals must be killed just to obtain that part to use for such products. Anything that is processed with the involvement of animals must not be bought or used at all.

4. Understand animal rights laws.

Animal's Rights Book

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In every country, there is a law for animals’ rights. There are also ethical and religious laws about it. You must be aware of the information regarding this to have more knowledge and see the importance of animals. You may buy some books or search local laws on the Internet.

5. Suggest alternative laboratory testing methods.

Animal Laboratory Testing

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Instead of animal testing method, convince people to use other techniques that are much cheaper, more accurate, quicker, Eco-friendly, and animal-free. There are some evidences that alternative ways of testing chemicals, drugs, and other products have a great positive result. For instance, instead of using animals for skin test, donated skin from cosmetic surgery clinics can be conducted. There is no harm to animals in this case. Also, it does not harm any human, because it’s already been cut from the person. But they have to be as fresh as possible so there is conclusive result when used for testing and trial.

Animal Testing

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Many of us think that some animals are useless and dangerous. But there is no fair justice to kill them or treat them like nothing either. If you totally understand and learn the true value of animals in nature and embrace vegetarianism, doing these suggested five actions is very important. They are meaningful, compassionate, self-less, and loving actions that must be thought as habits at the same time.

Protect Animal

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Before you even expect others to help and  protect animals, keep in mind that such acts and changes must start from you, and then within your family. It won’t be difficult toe share and encourage this advocacy if you, alone, is a firm believer and doer of it.

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