How to Maintain and Keep Your Long Hair Healthy

Long hair is a favorite length of many girls. It is neat, attractive, and more feminine. Growing it to be long can be difficult. It needs patience and consistency. In fact, it is a high maintenance, because you need to keep it smooth, shiny, and healthy. If you are planning to grow your hair, or if it is already long that needs maintenance, these are the things you need to do.

1. Brush Regularly

One key toward maintaining a nice hair is brushing it. This is how you detangle strands and keep it smooth. The best tool to use is a paddle brush as it is manufactured for long strands of hair. Make sure that you brush as often as possible, especially after waking up and before heading to bed.

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2. Shampoo

It is a normal routine to go to the shower and apply shampoo on hair. It must be a daily habit to do that. You need to remove dirt and other particles that can attach on the strands of your hair. It is also how you can maintain its natural texture. This is a healthy way of taking care of hair. It is best that you use the right type of shampoo for your hair. If it is dry or coarse, then use something that combats that makes it smoother. If you have dandruff, choose a brand that has anti-dandruff properties.

3. Apply Hair Conditioner

Other than shampoo, conditioner is also essential to use for the hair. This is the secret toward having smooth, untangled hair. You need to regularly apply adequate amount of the best hair conditioner. It does not have to be everyday, but a few times a week should help maintain and grow your hair.

4. Get Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are a common hair problem. This is actually a sign of damage of hair, but easily treated. So, what you need to do is to cut the ends. It is not a bad idea to have your hair trimmed for 2 to 3 inches. In fact, it is easier for hair to grow if they are cut that way. Plus, you need to remove split ends before your hair completely damaged.

5. Pamper Hair with Oil or Spa Treatment

Visit your favorite local salon sometimes, too. Have your hair treated by applying oil, mask, or other spa treatment. These are also essential to make hair look shinier, silky, smooth, and healthy. The recommended times to do that should be once or twice a month.

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6. Avoid Wrapping Hair with Towel

Many women wrap their hair with towel for over 5 minutes. They do it to help dry the hair much faster. But little do they know that it can just lead to damaging hair in the long run. First of all, towel becomes heavy when it is wrapped around the hair. This makes the strands susceptible to breakage from the scalp. Eventually, you’d see more hair falling than normal. If that happens, then you should start worrying, but preventing it from happening is much better. Hence, do not wrap your hair with towel anymore.

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7. Lessen the Use of Other Hair Products

Spray, mousse, and hair color are some of the products used by women for their hair. There is absolutely nothing wrong in using them, but the frequency of applying one of these can damage your hair in the long run. You need to limit or restrict the use of such products if you want to keep your hair healthy, and eventually makes it grow longer.

8. Ponytail when Necessary

There are times your hair must be kept down, and other moments have to be ponytailed. If you do some tasks or activities that make you sweat, it is best to tie your hair. This makes it protected from dirt, dust, and other particles that may attach on the strands.

Keeping your long hair shiny, smooth, and healthy should be a normal goal of every woman. It is part of your hygiene and being you to look beautiful. To avoid damages, remember to follow the suggestions you learn as stated above.

I hope you found this post useful. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment below.


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