How to Know You’re Picking Fresh Organic Foods? These Tips Will Help

Have you been in a situation where you just bought lots of fruits and vegetables and thought they are fresh when they’re not? If you are not keen to see the difference between fresh and in organic, fret not as below is a list of some help that you certainly need.

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Always Find Local Grown Foods

Locally grown foods are the best choices if you want to have the perfect produce. These are undeniably fresh as they’re sold to the markets and local grocery stores right after harvesting. The miles to take from the farm to the commercial markets are shorter. That’s why it’s never advisable to buy fruits or vegetables that have been exported, unless they don’t suitably grow in your geography.

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Choose “Organic” Labeled Foods

It’s a fortunate situation if you are able to read a big cartoon plank that says “pure organic” or “100% organic”. These are raised without the use of pesticides. Even if not that fresh at all, at least you can worry no more about the danger of chemicals.

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Look at the Color Carefully

Color is one key to know how fresh a vegetable or a fruit is. But not everybody is that talented. Well the only trick is that you should be familiar with the color of each and every food. The natural color must be bright and glowing. If it looks pale than normal, then that’s been harvested for a long time already. A small spot that seems dark and wet, especially in fruits, also indicates that it’s not fresh.

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Touch or Squeeze

A gentle squeeze is also a trick you can do. Most fruits and some vegetables can be identified if they’re fresh or not by the way you touch them. You know if one is overripe e. They need to be a bit heavier depending on the size, too.

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Doing this should not be that hard at all. If the natural scent is strong then it’s freshly harvested. It usually loses its fragrance if it’s already old. In contrast, the scent that is too strong or off means it’s overripe. For roots, fresh ones must have woody-like smell. You can also trace some dirt over the bottom part.

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Buy Directly from Farmers

If there’s a farm or a farmer that you can find in your area, then this option is also an excellent one. They normally have a booth at a local farmers’ market. You can get not only certainly fresh locally grown foods, but also spend less and save some money.

Some have difficulty figuring out if a fruit or a vegetable is fresh and organic. You’re here to have more idea on how to pick the best food without wasting your money and time. Now you know the secrets in finding the freshest produce. Starting today you can buy any fruits, vegetables, roots, and other plant based foods without getting frustrated.

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