How Can I Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Rings? These Are The Perfect Remedies

Dark circles or rings under the eyes do not only make you appear older than your real age. They are also difficult to hide with just concealer or make-up. You can find solution to dermatological products, but why pay for such cost? Let natural remedies treat this.


What are the common factors of eye dark circles?

The Lack Of Enough Sleepthehormonedoctor

The lack of enough sleep is the common culprit of having dark rings under eyes. It’s easy to get this problem if you don’t take much rest in just a few nights. So, ensure you sleep for at least 8 hours a night.


Stress is another factor of eye dark circles. You should know how to calm yourself down. Find time to just relax and have fun. Don’t overload yourself with work and other things that cause you stress or anxiety.

The UV raysrokderm

This may not be common but overexposure to sun is also a possible culprit of this issue. Staying away from the sun, especially at the hours where the UV rays are deadly, is a solution.

Assorted Junk Foodthehormonedoctor

Let’s not forget that poor diet or deficiency of nutrients has also a big part of this problem. It may not be mainly, but when combined with other factors, the higher chance to get under-eye dark circles.

Other reasons why this appears under eyes are:
• Overly use of the computer
• Hereditary
• Aging

What are the home remedies for under eye dark circles?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to the clinic to have your under eye dark rings be removed. Cosmetic solution does work, but can be really expensive. You may choose to do this instead, but ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

If you think the same as I do, which means you won’t spend a large pile of dimes, then you’d think that’s totally absurd. Well, there are natural solutions against under eye dark circles, and these are cheaper and effective.

Apply a Cool Compresswikihow

#1 – Apply a Cool Compress

A cool compress doesn’t only work to relieve headaches, bumps, and even fever. This common first aid kit at home is also effective in reducing those annoying dark circles. It works by shrinking the dilated blood vessels, which are causing the rings under your eyes.

Decongest with a Nasal Spraywisegeek

#2 – Decongest with a Nasal Spray

If the factor is due to sinus problem, i.e. nasal congestion, then removing the clogging is the key solution. You should clear your sinuses with a local nasal spray. You may also use diluted salt water.


#3 – Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Of course, you need to sleep to prevent having dark circles under your eyes. It can be really helpful to sleep as early as possible and wake up after 8 or 9 hours.

Use Cucumbergoodtoknow

#4 – Use Cucumber

Because of its cooling effects and other nutrients, cucumber is a good natural remedy against dark circles. Slice and put one onto each eye. Leave them on your eyes for 15 minutes to absorb the properties that help remove those rings.

Aside from cucumber, you can also use raw potato slices. This may be a bit heavier and drier than cucumber, but still works.

Apply Lemon Juicetrusper

#5 – Apply Lemon Juice

The juice of lemon also works in removing dark rings. You use it as oil by putting some amount over the affected area. Make sure that it doesn’t go into your eyes, because it can sting.


The use of these suggested remedies is helpful in eradicating under eye dark circles. If you are too annoyed by them, getting rid of them quickly with these natural solutions must be put to mind. To prevent having them again, better avoid the culprits that cause them.

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