Having Low Immune System in Your Children? Every Parent Would Be Surprised How They Ignored the Most Basic Steps

Poor diet and bad habits are mainly the cause of deprived health in our children. But it’s us, parents, who have the responsibility to make sure our kids get enough nutrients and do physical activities, so that overall they become healthy. Here are several measures you must start doing for and with your children to increase their immune system and fight illnesses more effectively.

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#1 – Provide a Better Diet

The most basic defense against common illnesses and serious health conditions is a healthy diet. If your kids always consume sugar and fats, there’s a greater risk of getting infected with a disease or much worse.

Many foods that most kids like are found at grocery stores. Those pack of chips, bars of chocolates, box of cookies with preservatives, and cans of sodas are just some of the favorite choices that our boys and girls add into the cart. You do know how these foods can affect the health of your children. You should know better and are more aware of what to buy for them. There are some products that are much healthier. Just check the label and nutritional value to know which ones to approve.

As much as possible, parents must be feeding their children with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. These are all organic and absolutely nutritious. I know that kids usually stay away from the veggies, but you can do some twist that will make them look and taste more appetizing.

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#2 – Play Sports and Other Physical Games

Nowadays, most kids are fond of playing video games through tablets, PCs, and game consoles. These allow them to sit for hours, which is not good. They won’t only lack exercise, but also become lazy and less focused in the long run.

Remember that exercising is another key to better nutrition. Thus, encourage them to go out and play some sports, such as basketball, soccer, and tennis. Even riding a bike or a scooter and swimming helps.

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#3 – Assign Them Chores to Do

Aside from sports and games, house chores are also good physical activities kids must do. Allow them to sweep or mop the floor sometimes, clean their room every weekend, or help build a dog house.

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#4 – Wash Hands and Bathe Properly

Each and every kid must have a fully body wash at least once a day. They need regular cleaning to remove germs and bacteria. If they’re sweating, make sure they wiped out their grease and let them chill for several minutes (but away from the air conditioning or fan) before you let them shower. Likewise, train them to always wash their hands before and after eating their meals, including snacks.

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#5 – Drink More Water

Water also helps flush down toxins. Urinating is removing waste from the body. So encourage your children to drink 8 glasses or more of water daily.

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#6 – Sleep Early and for 8 Hours Maximum

Having enough sleep contributes to optimum health. Kids must go to bed an hour (or 2) after taking their dinner. It means they have to sleep as early as possible, especially during school days. On the weekends, they can sleep a bit late, but they have to take a nap in the afternoon. Another thing to remember is that they should sleep for at least 8 hours.

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#7 – Give Supplements

Vitamin C is an essential compound that helps boost the immune system. There are supplements like this vitamin for kids that you can buy for them. Other supplements can be B vitamin, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc. Whatever your kids need, especially if they are not into veggie much, then these should be a good alternative. Just ensure to seek the advice of your children’s pediatrician or doctor.

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