Ginger Has Many Health Benefits Than What You Can Guess. No Joke!

Ginger is a type of herb that is used in several ways. From being a spice to aroma, this food ingredient also contains therapeutic properties. So don’t think it’s just a small addition to your dishes. As a matter of fact, there are more and greater health benefits that you can get from it than from some vegetables or fruits when combined.

Herb Ginger


Spice Ginger


Aside from flavoring, ginger is used in drinks. It is also added to beauty and hygiene products, such as soap bars, shampoo, and cosmetics. For wounds and burns, it can be applied on skin as a first-aid.

The following are the health and therapeutic benefits of ginger.

Cold and Flu


1. Heals Cold and Flu

Many research studies have proven that ginger is a great cure against cold and flu. It’s been practiced as a traditional medicine in Asia for years, and only during this recent decade that Western societies have accepted, guaranteed, and used it as a medical treatment and prevention of common cold, coughs, flu, other respiratory problems, and asthma symptoms.

Freshly grinded ginger mixed in hot or warm water is recommended if you have cold. It’s best to take 2 to 3 times or 2 tablespoons a day. Also you can grate some ginger, squeeze it to take out the juice, mix it with little honey and eat it twice. This is a great remedy for cold that works for children and adults too. This is the kind of inexpensive and natural remedy you can easily do at home anytime someone has cold virus.

Morning Sickness


2. Cures Motion and Morning Sickness

Motion sickness is normally associated with nausea. Same thing happens in the morning, especially for pregnant women. Either case, ginger is a big help.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation


3. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

There are anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. That’s another advantage you can count on. This means you can take some ginger, shredded or blended, to reduce migraine, physical pain, stomach ache, and inflammation. There are commercial ginger-made supplement products that are recommended to use after intense exercise and workout training. Those are highly used by athletes, gym enthusiasts, body builders, etc.

According to studies, ginger is excellent to treat inflammation in the colon. It’s also been studied to reduce the risk of colon cancer, which is further discussed below.

Regulates Blood Circulation


4. Regulates Blood Circulation

Other features of ginger are chromium, magnesium , and zinc. These minerals are powerful to maintain regular circulation of your blood. If you have normal blood flow, it helps prevent excessive sweat, chills, and fever.

5. Improves Absorption

Stimulation of other nutrients that are essential to the body is important. Fortunately, ginger has that quality, too. It can stimulate pancreatic and gastric enzyme secretion. With this feature, it assists well during digestion.



6. Comforts Stomach

Since ginger improves digestion and absorption, your stomach becomes healthier. It reduces gastric pain, and treats digestive problems, such as constipation and diarrhea.

Colon Cancer


7. Prevents Colon and Ovarian Cancer

Cancerous cells in the colon and ovaries are also blocked or treated by ginger. It’s been tested that the cancer cells instantly die when mixed to a solution of ginger powder. This helps reduce the population of cancer-forming cells. It also works to not have any cancer if you take more ginger as regularly as you can.



8. Repairs Liver Damage

Acetaminophen is one ingredient found in most painkiller medicines, such as Paracetamol, that can damage the liver. However, ginger can come to rescue to restore the healthy cells and tissues in that particular body organ. In addition, it aids in alleviating oxidative stress and preventing hepatic injuries.

Boosts the Immune System


9. Boosts the Immune System

Ginger has the ability to inhibit fatty deposits accumulated in the arteries. This can improve your immune system, which helps fight infections and diseases in the long run.

Lowers Blood Pressure


10. Lowers Blood Pressure

Other than maintaining normal blood circulation, ginger also improves hypertension. This is a good natural remedy to people who have high blood pressure.



11. Relieves Dysmenorrhea

Painful menstruation in women can be unbearable sometimes, especially during the first day. If you are having this kind of problem during your period, ginger is your best companion.

Adding ginger to foods or drinking ginger tea is a great idea. Regular consumption of an ingredient like this can help save your life. It has benefits that are tested and proven to improve health, which means reduces the risk of certain ailments from mild infections to serious diseases.

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