Don’t Throw The Lemon Peels! You Can Still Use Them in 8 Ways.

We either cut lemon by half or peel to get the juice. Either way, people usually throw the peel after. There are things you can do with that part, too. So before you do that, here’s 8 ways on how to make lemon peels useful.

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#1 – Cleaning Solution and Scrub

The juice of this fruit is a natural cleaner, and so is the peel. You can use it as a scrub to wipe off stain and remove bacteria. But this is more usable on smaller objects, such as cooking pots and pans to remove grease, knife, cutting board, faucet, and sink. You may also use the peel to scrub the stain off the floor, but you need lots of that and might take you long.

A lemon peel mixed in water can work as vinegar cleaner, too. So that means you can drink the juice and leave the peel for the cleaning part.

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#2 – Room Scent

This should not be new anymore. Lemon has been traditionally used as a natural room fragrance. Scent is more effective and stronger if you mix it with some essential oils, like lavender or jasmine. Just pour the juices into a spray bottle and becomes an instant room fragrant.

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#3 – Deodorizer

Aside from being a cleaner, lemon peel is also used to deodorize some stuff. You can literally throw peels in the dumpster to neutralize the stinky smell. Oven, refrigerator, drawer, and anything where it can be trapped to let go off the scent can be used.

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#4 – Zest

The peel part of lemon is also edible. You can use that as an additional ingredient, usually for flavoring and fragrance, to foods. Just scrape off that part and voila! So keep lemon peels as you might need that for some recipes that require zest.Lemon-infused-olive-oilImage source: simplygluten-free

#5 – Infuser

If the peel is soaked in water, the scent comes out more. But you can also use an essential oil, instead of water, to mix with lemon peel. This can create an infused oil, which you can drizzle in your salad, soup, and other foods.

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#6 – Candied Lemon

Kids will surely love this! Fry or bake the peel, make sure it’s sliced thinly, and sprinkle some salt or sugar, and becomes an instant candy. This should be a healthy snack for everybody.

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#7 – Insecticide

Get rid of ants, flies, and other pests with lemon peel. Just put them where most insects travel. In fact, you can place some peel pots, too. The scent is strong enough to turn off any pests.

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#8 – Skin and Nail Cleaner

You can apply peel on your screen to scrub pollutants. This makes your skin smoother and more glowing. It can also work to lighten lines and spots, as well as elbows. Soak your feet in water mixed with lemon peel, too. It can soothe and moisturize your feet.

You see, there are things that make them still useable. Like in the case of lemon, the peel must not be thrown away. Keep them and use them for any of the things listed above. In general, it can actually help you save some cash. You won’t need to buy lots of kitchen cleaners, scrub, or a commercially-formulated insecticide.

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