Do Not Drink This. Seriously!

Some beverages promise health goodness, but they contain hidden ingredients that are not supposed to be absorbed by the body. If not high calories, it can be preservatives and artificial flavorings, which make it unnatural. Remember that you should be drinking healthy beverages that are from 100% organic ingredients.

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#1 – Bottled Tea

Teas in bottles usually contain sugar. You have to be very careful when dropping by at the grocery store. Many bottled beverages contain preservatives and sugar. You better make your own tea from organic ingredients. However, if you have enough patience read the labels and look for sugar-free and no-preservative bottled teas.

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#2 – Lemonade

Oh those kids and make you buy a cup of lemonade. Anyway, they’re cheap. That’s so compassionate and most of the time they sell for a cause or with the right intention. However, this drink can be mixed with sweetener or sugar. Again, you can make your own lemonade at home and guarantee it’s 100% natural.

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#3 – Energy Drinks

To be honest, energy drinks are overrated. Most consumers think it’s good for the health. Sure, it can boost your energy, but in the long run, it’s not healthy. There are actually proven side effects (really bad) of over consumption of energy drinks. These include high blood pressure, faster heart rate, difficulty sleeping, and headaches. Why, they contain sugar and caffeine.

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#4 – Sports Drinks

This beverage is similar to energy drinks. However, they contain some vitamins, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that help improve your energy and endurance. So, yes it’s good for athletes, but not for anyone who tries to remain healthy through organic foods or plant-based diet.

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#5 – Coffee

There’s nothing wrong with drinking a cup of coffee. It helps get you in the mood in the morning or feel a bit warmer during cold days. What you must be cautious about is the blended coffee. This can contain syrup, whipped cream, or whole milk. The addition of these can make your coffee contain more calories. The solution is to not add anything but sugar and probably low-fat milk or low-calorie cream.

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#6 – Sodas and Diet Drinks

Sodas, including the diet labeled drinks, are nothing but sugar, sweeteners, and acid. There’s no single ingredient that is healthy at al. It can only give you good taste and nothing more. In fact, drinking lots of sodas can cause you to become acidic, have ulcer, or diabetes. It’s also more prone to having cancer.

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Sorry to ruin your day by this bad news, but this is for your own good. If you have been drinking one or more of these beverages, or at least the bad versions, then it’s time to stop. Opt for a much healthier beverage instead. Anyway, you can just blend fruits or vegetables and enjoy the taste without worrying your well-being.

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