Cute Pets To Keep. I Swear You’ll Giggle Over Them

Some people are just too fond of playing with animals. There are animals also that are too friendly to people. Such relationship is unique. This kind of animals is called pets that you can keep and take care of at home.



Choosing the right pet for you is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, you can just pick any dog, but once it’s in your house, you might complain of how it behaves. Many dogs, if not well trained, just pee here and leave their “poo” there. They also like to play with the pillows and the couch. The point here is to be very decisive when selecting a pet. Let’s see which kinds of animals are worth keeping!

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1 – Dogs

The number one choice of pets that most people want to keep is dogs. They are man’s best friend because they have personalities that are similar to humans. There’s a special bond between man and a dog that is not as equal as with other animals.

If you choose a dog, keep in mind that there are several breeds to select from. The behavior and appearance of dogs depend on their breed. You may need to study that information before you go to a local agency and adopt one.


2 – Cats

Cat is also a common pet choice. In many polls and surveys around the world, they come second. People who are cat lover have a unique fond of them, probably because of their soft fur and quiet demeanor. Like dogs, they also have different breeds.

If you like to have a cat and also a dog, be sure they do well together. Otherwise, you’ll have a problem as to how to make them not hate each other.

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3 – Rabbits

Rabbit is a friendly animal that can be taken care of as a pet. This has qualities similar to dogs and cats. It’s like an animal combined to the persona of a cat and a dog. You may only have trouble chasing them once they start to hop. Nevertheless, you have a wide variety of choices from breeds to colors, and ear lengths to body sizes. They are also easy to feed because they love vegetables, especially carrots.


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4 – Horses or Ponies

If you have an adequate space, a horse or a pony is a good pick. You can ride at the back and have fun with this pet. Unlike dogs and cats, you cannot just have your horse stay in your house. There must be a separate house for them.


5 – Hamsters

They are known as “pocket pets” because of their cute, small size, makes you want to bring them and put them in your open pocket (but don’t ever do that!). They are normally smaller than dogs and cats, and that can be the main reason why you choose them. Plus, they’re really adorable and friendly. They don’t even need lots of food, so it’s a great pet to have. However, they can only live for 2 to 3 years.


6 – Guinea Pig

No, this isn’t a pig, and doesn’t come from Guinea. It’s actually look like hamster. The only way you can tell it’s a guinea pig is that it’s cuter and looks more of a rabbit, while hamster is like a mouse. Another difference is that they live longer than hamsters from 5 to 10 years.

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Some people also choose fish and birds, but I strongly believe these should stay in their natural habitats. It means fish should stay in the water, and birds in the air. The same thing should be considered for turtles, turquoise, and some friendly lizards. So, the list above is what you need to select the right pet you can keep.

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