Copenhagen Zoo – A Zoo Or A Hell of Misery?

When I was a child, I was always mesmerized to see animals. I wanted to see tigers, zebra, giraffe, kangaroo, elephant and other animals that you do not normally see in your own community. It made me happy to go to the zoo. It was an ideal picnic with all family and friends! But as I grew up, I learned the real truth about how animals in the zoo are treated. It was an eye opener for me!

Copenhagen Zoo just recently revealed that truth and went extremely beyond basic humanity when they decided to euthanize (practice of intentionally ending a life)  some of their animals. What’s worst is that they decided to do it in public, where adults and kids as little as 4 year olds, get to see them. How cruel and heartless is that?!


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Meet Marius. This was an 18-month old healthy giraffe. Isn’t he looking cute and deserved to be treated well?

Marius Giraffe

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Unfortunately, he was shot dead in front of visitors in the zoo on February 7, 2014. He was then autopsied, chopped, and his remains were fed to lions.


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The zoo stated that they had no choice but to kill Marius to avoid in-breeding as stated under the rules of European Association of Zoos and Aquaria or EAZA. But many Danish people and other citizens around the world thought this was outrageous and horrific. A lot have protested outside the premises of the zoo. In fact, the zoo even received death threats.


The zoo seems like not threatened at all when they euthanized four healthy lions weeks after Marius was killed. This again sparked a shocking news in the world.

They said that the killing of those lions was made to replace them with a younger male lion. Is that a reason that anyone can agree with? It is not even an excuse, but plain cruelty and injustice!

Denmark Zoo

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Don’t you think giraffes must be free and happy in their own natural homes? Aren’t they supposed to be walking, running, and playing with their mates without cages and restrictions?


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Even if lions are impulsively wild and dangerous, they also need that freedom. They also have that right to feel belonged and loved from one another.


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Imagine if you are Marius or one of the lions that were killed. Can you fathom the thought of being treated like this? Would you find pleasure of being tied, locked up in a cage, and then see one of your families or friends killed and later realize you are next?

Locked Up in Room

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Whether they are tame or wild, animals, like giraffes and lions, must be cared and treated with love and respect. They are not just animals, but creatures that must be living and enjoying their own lives on Earth.

Animal cruelty is rampant these days, and only some have the guts and concerns to defend them. If you consider yourself an advocate for animals’ rights or want to be one, will you visit Copenhagen Zoo or any zoo out there? You must start acting with the simplest things, which is to not tolerate visiting any zoos. If zoos do not get visitors anymore, soon they would shut it down, and hopefully return animals where they need to be living freely.


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