Call for Humanity from Animals. Please Hear Them

It is the responsibility of people to care of animals. Each and every one of us has a major obligation to keep animals protected and safe.


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There is a big misunderstanding regarding the care for animals. Most people only think that this is only about owning and petting domestic and farm animals. Animals that need care do not only include the tame ones.

A lot of people have dogs and cats. Some have birds, horses, and fish. They like to adopt these kinds of animals because they are generally harmless and submissive. They know who their master is. That makes it easy for owners to take care and control of their pets.

Pet Animals

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Sometimes, taking care of domestic animals, farm animals, and other tame ones can be abusive. Let’s not forget these make mistakes a lot of time, too. They do not have the intellect and will as humans have.

Domestic Animals

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For instance, dogs can be grumpy and playful at times. They can just start ripping off your expensive couch and messing the floor with feathers from the cushions. They leave poop anywhere, unless trained to do in an appropriate place.

Animals must be protected all the time. They must not be mistreated and abused, or worse killed. They have feelings and can definitely feel  pain.

Protect Animals

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What people must generally do with animals are the following:

• Provide food and shelter
• Let animals live according to their habitats.
• Treat their injuries and wounds.
• Protect the different habitats (i.e. no dumping of waste in water, no cutting of trees)
• Do not eat them and make them foods.

Stop Cruelty to Animals

Mercy for Animals

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Groups and organizations that support and protect animals are not the only people who are responsible for taking good care of them. Everyone must be involved in protecting animals, whether they are your favorite or the least like. If everybody works together in this advocacy, animals will be much happier to live with us!

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