Calcium is Low in Vegetarian Diets – True or Myth?

“Where do vegetarians get calcium?”Calcium

This is another common question most non-vegetarians ask concerning vegetarian diets. Surprisingly, dairy products, most especially milk, are not the only sources of calcium. Although, vegetarians do drink milk as well. So that breaks the myth that vegetarians are low in calcium.

Healthy Bones

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Solid Teeth

Calcium, which is an essential mineral necessary for the growth and improvement of bones as well as teeth, can be found in plant based foods, too. Here are some of the calcium-rich vegetables and organic foods.

1. Dark Leafy Greens

Dark Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, arugula, collard greens, watercress, turnip leaves, and dandelion greens are high in calcium. One hundred grams (100g) of raw greens can contain 120mg of calcium. That is about 12% of the recommended daily value.

2. Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

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This type of cabbage is obviously a leafy veggie. It is also high in calcium content. Other types of cabbages, such as red leaf and green cabbages, contain calcium, too.

3. Okra

Fresh Okra

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This tender, smooth vegetable is not only delicious, but also calcium filled. One cup of sliced cooked okra can give you 124 milligrams of calcium. It is equivalent to 12% daily value.

4. Broccoli


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Do you love broccoli? If yes, then you won’t have to worry about your calcium intake. It has other essential nutrients, but can supply 40 to 50 milligrams of calcium per cup.

5. Green Snap Beans

Green Snap Beans

These beans are not only low in calories, but also rich in calcium. You can absorb 40 to 55 milligrams of calcium in a single cup.

6. Almonds


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For nut lovers, here’s some good news. One serving of almonds can provide you250 to 380 milligrams of calcium, which is remarkably equivalent to the suggested daily value.

7. Soy Products (fortified)

Soy Products

Whether soy beans, tofu, or soy milk, as long as derived from soy, you can get enough calcium to your diet. About 35 to 43% of DV calcium is absorbed from these products.

These foods only prove that vegetarians are not low in calcium. Apart from the above sources vegetarians can also get their calcium from milk, yogurt, cheese etc. Thus making it a diet full of calcium!

Be reminded that lack of calcium can cause health issues. If the recommended daily value of calcium is not met, the body may suffer from numbness of hand and feet, muscle cramps, or osteoporosis in the long run.

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