Animals Do Have Emotions Too!

Animals have emotions and feelings. This is something you cannot debate or disagree with. They have traits and characteristics that are similar or exactly the same as in humans.

1. Animals feel pain.

Obviously, animals are not robots. They are not superheroes as well. Most of them may be brave, wild, and merciless than humans, but they can have aches. They can suffer from mild to extreme pain. Remember when dogs got slightly hit and couldn’t stop from wailing? Whether by accident or intentional beating, animals usually make a distinctive sound that indicates pain. However, people must not purposely hurt animals. That’s why killing them is not fair at all. It is considered unethical.

2. Animals feel happiness and sadness.

You feed your dogs and their tails start to wag. Though no smile, you can tell that they get excited and happy because they are about to eat. That is plain emotion that is evident in animals, and one thing you cannot deny. It means they can have both good and bad moments. If they can be happy today, they can be sad or angry the next time.

Monkey Emotions

3. Animals love and hate.

Cuddling your dog or petting your cat is love. You get to feel it, and so is your pet. They can love and feel love as human does. The only difference is that they cannot love and hate at the same time.

Mother Animal love


Animals are incredibly loyal. If they love, they can only love. There is no way for them to change their feelings or choose to hate than to love. Dogs and cats are normally harmless and can be very loyal to their masters. In contrast, lions kill other animals and even humans. This difference between animals is based on their natural instincts.

People may not be very certain or accurate of the feelings and thoughts of animals. The latter can surely have their mysteries that most people won’t understand or ever know. But one thing is very obvious and transparent, animals do have emotions.


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