A Teen Girl Kills Animals As A Hobby – We Need Your Help To Stop This!

Care2.com campaigns various petitions to be signed by concerned people that love the world, the environment, and animals. One of their petitions is to stop airing shows about a teen girl “who hunts endangered animals”. If you love animals and have the burden to protect them by any possible means, then this should just be a piece of cake.

This petition requires 54,000 signatures on or before 31st of July, 2014. So far, there’s more than 53,000, only less than 200 signatures are needed, and your contribution can lessen that number.

Animal Huntingthepetitionsite

To get you more convinced, here is a detailed report as to why your signature matters.

Kendall Jones, who is a 19-year old girl, loves to hunt animals, especially the endangered ones. It’s a form of hobby and sport for her. She also proudly shows it to the world through her Facebook fan page. There are many photos of murdered animals from lions to tigers next to her, and she’s smiling so wide like it’s an amazing piece of work.

But it seems like she’s not the only one who enjoys it. Some network channel shows would love to feature her and her so-called “hobby”. One is Sportsman Channel that likes to have her on air next year. So, this petition is to tell and convince different networks, including DirecTV, DISH Network, and Comcast to never air the hunting story of Kendall Jones.

Once there’s exposure to something like this, others are encouraged to do the same. More animal hunters (or murderers) would be eager to get some 10 minutes of fame. Instead, it must be stopped before other else can do so.

Stop Animal Huntingmbasic

If you like to be a part of this, which you should if you care for animals, just click the following link and give your signature: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/658/363/249/directv-dont-air-show-about-teen-who-hunts-endangered-animals/

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