9 Kitchen Stuff to Daily Remind Yourself – No Tricks Here, Promise

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Are you a vegetarian just recently? Have you been practicing a vegetarian diet for more than 10 years? It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a long time vegetarian. There are some rules related to kitchen preparation and food consumption that you must bear in mind. They help you remain healthy and have a sustainable life. Without further ado, let’s learn these 9 truths, which are very important that you always keep them in mind.

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1 – Juices and Smoothies are the Best Drinks Other Than Water

What do fruits and vegetables have in common? They all can be blended and formed as fresh beverages! Of course, you’ll need a blender, which is what it’s made for. It must be a daily routine to drink a glass of smoothie or juice. Besides, there are endless choices of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can mix together. You may even add some nuts, seeds, or spices. Drinking this kind of healthy beverage won’t only help boost your energy, but also enhances your immune system.

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2 – You’ll Never Be Low in Protein

Non-vegetarians think that vegetable eaters don’t absorb protein. Others may guess vegetarians only get a few amount. Truth is that, they’re always enough protein. Many plants contain proteins. Some have most of the essential amino acids, while others may contain only a few. Yet, vegetarians don’t just stick to the same kinds of foods to eat, nor two plants only in a single meal. The point here is that you can mix different organic foods with protein that can complete the necessary amino acids.

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3 – Plant-Based Foods in Packages aren’t 100% Healthy

Don’t be fooled by some foods that seem to look organic. You can find canned fruits, wrapped vegetables, and packed cookies at a local grocery store. They’re obviously plant-based products you can buy, but not really healthy to eat. They may usually have preservatives, animal fats or other by-products, and artificial flavorings. Such food items aren’t recommended to eat as they can cause bad impacts. Some of the most common effects are constipation, high blood glucose level, or increased fats.

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4 – Not All Plants are Inexpensive

Unless you were born and grew up to be a vegetarian, cheapness or saving money was only secondary for you, right? But prices of goods and commodities may still change depending on the country’s economic status. Also, some plant-based foods are considered superfoods, and those can be really expensive than other regular fruits, vegetables, and crops. Don’t worry, there are more other choices of vegetarian foods that are cheap to buy.

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5 – Greens are Adaptable

Many fruits and vegetables, especially green ones, can be used in many dishes and snacks. You can add green, leafy veggies to your favorite juice. You may use avocado slices as fillings of a sandwich. You may also want to use chopped spinach as sprinkles on soups.


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6 – Some Vegetarian Foods are Packed with Sugar

Sometimes, you are tempted to eat dried fruits, baked stuff, vegetarian ice cream, fruit popsicles, etc. You also add yoghurt whips to your fruit bowl or coat strawberries with dark chocolate. Those sound really good, but let’s not forget they can add fats. There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you eat some sweet plant-based foods, but don’t make it too much, or else you’d gain more pounds.

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7 – Pizza Can Be Meatless, But Never Cheeseless

Homemade or delivered, pizza is one dish that you can never say “no” for. It’s an all-time favorite. Good thing vegetarians can still eat them without any meat. However, a pizza is never going to be that delicious without cheese, because it’s like the secret ingredient! So, yes you can still opt for any vegetables with some avocados or pineapples, but make sure there are some cheese topped on them.


8 – It’s Never Too Old or Corny to Read Cookbooks

Because there are lots of plant-based foods grown and produced, the number of recipes is endless. It is more exciting to cook dishes that you rarely eat. If you have been eating the same dishes for 10, 20 years, don’t you ever feel like it’s getting boring? And for sure you don’t want to just quit being a vegetarian. Even if you’re a solid and true vegetarian, it’s still important to know new recipes.

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9 – Have Your Own Organic Garden

The supply of vegetables and fruits is never a problem anywhere. But this does not mean that you must not create your own beds of edible plants. You’d appreciate the nature more if you have something to take care of.

Let’s not forget that consistent healthy living is essential for every vegetarian. Some rules can be very helpful to enjoy life more. With these kitchen related reminders, you must be able to embrace the diet and lifestyle you have or choose.

Remember the more you appreciate natural things, the better to live on this planet. We are blessed with nutritional foods that grow naturally from soil. And yes, we also continue to protect animals by not including their meat on our plate.

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