8 Ways to Keep You Healthy While at the Office – No More Donuts, Cookies, and Other Cheat Foods

If you are working in a company or even for a small-time business that has at least five employees, you know what it’s like to be tempted to get candies, cookies, bagels, donuts, sodas, and coffee, especially if they’re free! Well, who doesn’t like free stuff or anything that look so delicious waiting on the table?

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Your stomach suddenly becomes hungry and your other self tells you to go get some quick, but then you’re torn as you want to keep a healthy diet. There are better solutions that make you easily ignore that kind of temptation. Here are the things you should do to fight that urge.

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#1 – Never Skip Breakfast

Always make sure you are filled before going out to work. It doesn’t only mean that you eat a good breakfast. It also implies that it must be protein and fiber packed. The kind of food you are going to eat should be carefully selective. Among the healthiest breakfast to choose from are bread, oatmeal with nuts, other grains, and fruits.

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#2 – Pack Some Greens for Lunch

While eating in a restaurant or café during your lunch break is not only a money matter but also choices are limited, preparing your own food should not be a bad idea at all. It’s not embarrassing to get a lunch bag as you just want to stay healthy. By healthy, it means your lunch should composed of leafy greens. You can pack some Cesarean salad, steamed broccoli, or veggie sandwich. It’s also a great idea to roast some kale leaves, which you can nibble as snacks.

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#3 – Drink Lots of Water

Water is very essential to keep you hydrated and prevent the craving of snacks. You think more clearly, do tasks much faster if you drink water instead of biting just any snacks, which can be distractive and make you less energetic.

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#4 – Stock Up Protein-Packed Snacks in Your Office

There’s really nothing wrong with having a snack. You deserve to have a break and treat yourself sometimes. Even for this you need to choose a much healthier option. Besides, there are many nutritious snacks to eat. Those protein bars should help.

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#5 – Have a Glass of Juice or Tea

Instead of coffee, drink a cup of tea. Instead of a can of soda, choose a glass of fresh fruit smoothie. These drinks, other than water, are healthier options. They also boost your energy, which helps in making your day more productive. You can order these from a nearby store that sells juices or restaurants that offer smoothies.

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#6 – Post a Reminder

A note on your computer or door that says anything about keeping healthy is an effective way to remind yourself about your diet. A well balanced diet must not only be applicable at home, but also at work and anywhere you go.

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#7 – Chew Up Some Apples

Bubble gum is quite effective in making you less hungry, or at least helps in forgetting food. But apple is a much healthier choice. So slice into small chunks and bite some while working.

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#8 – Get Busy

Having a focus is what you need to stay on track. You have a daily goal to achieve and tasks to finish. There’s a time to eat foods, so don’t overthink about it. But remember that you don’t overstress yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be too exhausted at the end of the day.

There are surely temptations in a working environment. Your bosses and colleagues don’t care about what kind of diet and lifestyle you are into. You can only trust yourself to choose what to eat and drink. So even if there are free treats that you can only pick within a few steps, it’s easy to say no to that. Make sure you keep these 8 things in mind whenever you go out for work.

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