7 Ways to Help Save Animals. Please, Hear their Cry!

Save Animals

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Love Animals

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As a vegetarian, we have the moral duty to protect and help save animals. We must not only be good in words, but also in deeds. We must not only avoid eating meat, using products tested on animals, or wearing leather and fur. There are other simple and easy things we can do to further stop animal abuse. Such acts are rewarding and worth giving your time, money, and effort.

Surfing the internet

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1. Engage on Online Communities

The easiest way to show you care for animals is to join communities via the Internet and engage in forum, discussion, debate, and other social media activities. There are many websites of organizations that support animals. You can visit and check them out to learn more of what you can do to help stop animal abuse and continue protecting our little friends. Besides, it won’t cost a lot of time to tweet a few posts a week or share a photo of you cuddling a small bear on Facebook, isn’t it?


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2. Donate

Choose 1, 2 or more animal welfare organizations where you can donate a small amount of money. You can shell out from $1 to $100. It really does not matter how much you can give. Any amount is helpful enough to save animals. Proceeds are usually for the building of shelters, transferring animals to their habitats, providing medical attention to wounded and sick animals, and marketing in various means.

Rescue Animals

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3. Volunteer

Being on the field can really showcase your support, love, and care for animals. Start in your own community where you can find an animal shelter to help feed them, and a small group that advocates animals’ rights. You can also make your own organization to protest against animal abuse.

Animal Blog

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4. Create a Blog Site

You may have your own blog that is dedicated to animals. Here you can share your thoughts, express feelings, and provide information about animals. This is one way to communicate with the world and encourage them to do actions against animal abuse.

Adopting Animals

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5. Adopt

Providing a shelter to a stray dog or an abandoned cat is another great idea. You won’t only help save them from possible abuse outside, but also keep them as a part of your family. Many shelter homes of animals plead to people. You should open your own house and welcome a new dog or cat. Make sure to take care and love them once you get one. Please, ADOPT and do not buy them!

Spread Awareness for Animals

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6. Spread Awareness

Handing out flyers, selling wrist bands, wearing t-shirts and sharing information online, are just a few of the things you can do to spread awareness and show your love for animals. These are simple ways on how you can motivate other people to avoid buying products with animal ingredients, stop going to circus shows, prevent participating in hunting activities, and the like.

No to Circus

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7. Do Not Go to Circus Shows or Zoos.

Circus shows, zoos, aquarium shows, and other programs where animals are involved seem an enjoyable and entertaining. Well, the demonstrations and performances can be really fascinating, but the real truth behind the curtain is worse than the word “messy”. Why, the trainings are brutal as animals have to undergo pain and sufferings. That’s not animal-friendly at all! There’s no difference as to what people do to them in animal farming, because animals in entertainment shows get kicked, tied, and caged during rehearsals and training sessions.

Instead, go to Cirque Du Soleil, which is a non-animal circus show. You can have fun here as well, and certainly much better because no animal is used in any of the performances.

Help Animals

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Animals Love People

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Hear the cry and listen to the voices of animals that are abused and need help. We must stand and fight for them. Be the hand that these animals need and help the world change one step at a time.

Please share this post with your friends and family and do your bit to save animals.


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