7 Things Vegetarians Must Avoid Other than Meat – You Won’t Believe No. 4 and 5!

If you thought you are one of the few who try to save animals by not eating them, think harder. Meat is not the only product that is made of animal flesh. You can probably say, “Oh, I knew that any leather products are also manufactured from animals, and I don’t use them”. That’s good to know, but you may be using other things from your favorite candy to your car that actually contain fats or skin from animals. Are you surprised now? Well, don’t be sorry as it’s not too late to do the more suitable action. Here are other 7 items that you must never buy or use again.

1. Jell-O and Candies

Jell-O and Candies

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Gummi Candies

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Candies (including gummy bears and marshmallows) and Jell-O are agreeably delicious. Most kids love them, and so do adults. Sometimes, you feel guilty having a handful of them when watching TV. Unfortunately, these sweets are made of gelatin, which is processed from animal by-products. Any foods that have gelatin as the ingredient must not be eaten. So the next time you go shopping at the grocery store, read the labels and only buy non-gelatin candies, and yes even if you are having a sweet tooth.

2. Chips


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The salty flavor of chips can make you hard to resist. You may think it’s alright to eat them even just a few times a month. But most chips, particularly the barbecue flavor one, have chicken fat included. Not to mention that the oil used can be animal based, too.

3. Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag

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Shopping bags and other packaging made of plastics are manufactured using animal fat, too. They are not biodegradable as well. It will be a problem to dispose them as they cannot vanish, but rather pollute the water, air, or both.

Plastic Pollution

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The best thing to do is use Eco-friendly bags, which are becoming very common nowadays, or brown bags (paper bags). You also won’t have to spend money buying each time as they can be washed and re-used for many times.

Eco Bag

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4. Vehicle Tires

Vehicle Tires

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This particular item may be difficult to figure if it has animal ingredients. But it’s a fact that some car and bicycle tires contain stearic acid, which is based on animals. You can ask the manufacturer if the tires have stearic acid to know what to get and not to buy.

5. Fireworks


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Do you celebrate Diwali and New Year’s Eve with some firecrackers? If not, then that’s good. Otherwise, you are patronizing animal cruelty without  knowing. Yes, some fireworks have stearic acid. But this does not mean you have to use some that contain no animals. You also think of the impact on the environment when using fireworks.

6. Soaps and Shampoo

Soaps and Shampoo

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You may be familiar with the ingredients of shampoos, such as amino acids and panthenol. Any product that contains those compounds can be made from animals. That makes shampoo, conditioner, as well as soaps, to be excluded on the list for vegetarians. Instead, use herbal bath products that are not only animal-free but also hypoallergenic. Be sure to check or read the labels, because plant-based products have “100% organic” in it.

7. Toothpaste


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The ingredients of some toothpaste may also surprise you. Generally, this product is made of glycerin, which can be taken from either vegetable or animal fats. You must be careful when selecting a brand of toothpaste. Make sure the company claims they provide animal-free toothpaste.

Label Checking

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Checking the labels or asking manufacturers direct-to-the-point is the best option you’ve got to ensure you do not purchase any products that contain animal ingredients. Some products are labeled with “cruelty free”, ““no animal testing”, or “no animal ingredients”. Through this, you do more than just avoiding meat. Do not forget to share it to others as well, because they may not be aware that some of their personal things are made of animals.

No Animal Testing

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Please share with others and raise awareness!


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