7 Selfies with Animals. Oh, How Cute!

From Obama to Ellen Degeneres with other A-list stars, taking selfie photos has become a sensation worldwide. Everyone can do it by kids, college students, workmates, politicians, and celebrities. You don’t even need to be expert in photography in order to have a selfie. And now this popular self-portrait photograph has also been done by some animals. Whether you believe these images are real or not, I’m pretty sure you’d agree that they are worth looking at. Promise, it will only take you less than 5 minutes for this one, and certainly you’d smile.

#1 – Best Buddies

Best BuddiesImage source: dailymail

How adorable are these two? This photo has been one of the most trending images on the Internet. It has been shared from one social media to another. With this kind of picture, who wouldn’t dare to not share it?

#2 – Happy Monkey

Happy MonkeyImage source: dailymail

You may think it’s a person wearing a costume, but it’s not. This is a very real monkey (black macaque) holding a camera and smiling. So genius, just like humans!

#3 – Unlucky Tourist

Unlucky TouristImage source: cheekmagazine

This doesn’t look so good, but sorry who wouldn’t laugh? Probably, the donkey is just being too sweet. Awww!

#4 – Happy-Go-Lucky Shark

Happy-Go-Lucky SharkImage source: likey

If the previous and funny and sweet, this is sort of creepy. Yikes! The man looks like a foot away before he’s bitten by this sea monsther, unless this is some Photoshop trick, of course. Oh, I wish it’s just photoshopped!

#5 –Giraffeeh!

GiraffeehImage source: likey

Tongues out, who knew a giraffe can do that? Like their long legs, it seems like their tongues are bigger than ours.

#6 – Cathrob

CathrobImage source: likey

Another cute photo is by a cute guy and a cute leopard (or a jaguar?). If it can only talk, it’d say “hello” to you.

#7 – Lemurfect

LemurfectImage source: likey

With both hands on the camera, this lemur made a perfect selfie photo. It didn’t even need him to strike a pose, because the eyes say it all.

Did you enjoy your minute looking at these photos?

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