68 Elephants Shot Dead In Congo. Have They Gone Crazy? This Is Insane!

Garamba National Park, an old national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was currently invaded by poachers. In fact, it’s not the first time the park was under attack by rebels. It’s fortunate that people weren’t the direct victims here, but for animals, particularly elephants, it’s a different case.

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The director of the park reported that exactly 68 elephants were murdered by poachers. Some where even shot from the air via helicopters.

“The situation is extremely serious,” Jean-Marc Froment, the Garamba park manger, reportedly shared this information. “The park is under attack on all fronts.”

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According to witnesses, poachers are divided into two groups. One group stayed in the park, and another in a helicopter. Those who were in the helicopter shot elephants from the air. The group on land then chopped the tusks of the dead animals. They used chain saws and removed other parts of animals, too. They didn’t only mercilessly slaughtered adult elephants, but also took the life of baby ones, which still don’t possess ivory tusks. Just learning this truth makes me vomit and throw my fist on the wall.

Congo is just one of the many countries in Africa where you can find lots of wildlife. The endless number of animals is always taken advantage by gunmen. In the case of elephants, their ivories are a profit to them. They sell them for high prices but the proceeds are surprisingly used not only for survival, but also for obtaining more weapons, grenades, and other equipment they can use for their rebellious actions.


Among the notorious rebel groups that constantly attach national parks in this continent are the Lord’s Resistance Army, renegade elements of the Congolese army, and gunmen from South Sudan. Such groups like these are not very easy to stop for good. Most of the locals, including park personnel, have no choice but to submit to them. They’re lucky to be alive, because their own lives are also at stake. It’s the local government with the help of international groups and agencies that support Africans and animal rights must work together to stop this kind of brutality.

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Thank goodness, there are already many supporters and advocates. The United Nations (U.N.) has a lot of programs and warnings against those African armed groups. Several “units from the U.S. military’s African Command” are also already in place doing actions to stop such acts.

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The question now is what about you? What are you doing to help stop this atrocious and unforgiveable activity against animals? Let’s give all our best, resources, time, and money to help stop animal cruelty. We must not only depend on big organizations, but rather find a way to contribute.

Animal abuse is wrong. This is inhumane. Please do share this message with your friends and family!!!


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